Cold River Winds

Blouse: Topshop. Skirt, Pearls, and Belt: Vintage. Shoes: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange in Boston. Tights: Target. Lipstick is from Portland Black Lipstick Co in Undead Red (HIGHLY Recommended, especially if you're looking for lipstick in funky colors on the cheap. I also have this in black for when I need to be a sad goth) 

It seems really weird to me that I haven't posted on here (well at least done a real post) in almost 2 months. Fortunately, the period of my life in which I stay up late doing homework is pretty much done because the first have of the term is OVER. Now I'm finishing my homework at 8:30 as opposed to 11:30 so having a little ~sophie time~ has proven rewarding. It's given me a lot of time to sit and think.  Recently, I wrote in my journal about the theme of each year of high school. Freshman year was a transition year. I stopped hating myself. Sophmore year was kind of a year of discovery. Junior year was basically spent being a moody bitch and thinking about Sophmore year and Senior year is kind of a mix of all three. 

Recently at school we had the incredibly stupid Senior Superlative election. Weirdly enough I ended up getting nominated for best dressed. It made me think a lot about how far my perception of style has come. I've spent all of high school being the quirky girl. I wore a bunch of quirky dresses and quirky shoes and quirky buttons and now I'm kind of done with that part of my life. Unfortunately, people's perception of me wants to stay stuck 2 years ago when I want to mature. I'm done being a maximalist I just want to you know, be Tilda Swinton and wear Jil Sander, Margiela, Yohji, and Comme. Aesthetic Maturity is important. My style needs to grow with me. I'm tired of feeling obligated to dress a certain way. I'm beginning to feel almost like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope. I can't be stuck in time. 

As I just mentioned I'm really into Japanese minimalism mixed with 70's pulp and leather harnesses. Or in other words, Minju Kim's collab with H&M. I want to meld vintage quirky girl stuff (Think: Rachel Antonoff and Miu Miu) with Utilitarianism (Like Jil Sander and Rick Owens). To break it down pop culture style the combined aesthetic of Hausu and Patti Smith (because I'm a tuff punk)

This outfit, however, is pretty much none of those things. I based it around the blouse and lipstick. It's November which is actually the worst (no joke something horrible always happens to me in November. WHAT WILL IT BE THIS YEAR? WILL IT BE THE STOMACH FLU? WILL IT BE DUMB TEEN DRAMA? STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK KIDDOS!) Anyways, I wanted to be an ice queen with the dark lips and white eyeliner but also Sylvia Plath with the plaid school girl skirt and devious grin. My english teacher/ Creative Writing teacher (I'm taking two English classes whaddup) has been trying to get me into Plath recently so as a result I want to dress like her. 
This graphic for today's look/ For my English Teacher (YOU RULE)

And these for everything else:

 Credits: Unknown, Jesus and Mary Chain, Hausu Poster, Tavi Gevinson for Shop Ghost, Issey Miyake by Irving Penn.

That's all for now!
-Sophie Frances

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