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So a while back in December I wrote a post about why certain bloggers are important to me. I finally decided to do a part two to that post because to be honest, such bloggers continue to have an impact on me. It's not just style as it is what these women have to say. They're passionate about what they write which is really special to me. Often times the blogosphere is really superficial in the way that people are doing this for recognition, not because they care about what they're talking about. I have a very emotional connection with what I wear and even wrote my college essay about it (which I'll probably post on here once I figure out where I'm going to school). There are certain articles of clothing that transport me, make me nostalgic, or excited about the future. Fashion can be really exciting because, to paraphrase Rei Kawakubo, it is here and now and is an ever changing art form. It can be very visceral but also very cerebral. I want to talk about 3 people in this post that carry on this sort of manifesto in their writing and how they relate their lives and aesthetics to what they wear.

When I first discovered Goo I was immediately obsessed. Mattie and Amanda are cool ladies who incorporate effortless ethereal babe vibes into virtually every outfit. The photos they take are equally amazing and are composed carefully to match the essence of their amazing outfits. On top of that they write about feminism and their inspirations in this amazing style full of tour de force that makes you want to read everything they have to say. The things they discuss are important and need to be shared. Also, on top of that, they both have lustworthy closets full of Risto, Margiela, and the designer they introduced me to, Eckhaus Latta.
both photos are from Mattie and Amanda's Blog

Erin's blog is one of the most exciting things on the internet right now. She has a totally flawless style full of in your face prints and adorable accessories. She balances out her outfit and beauty posts with insightful and awesome pieces on plus size fashion and how it relates to feminism ranging from a piece on Gabourey Sidibe to one on the impact of fatkinis. Erin's unapologetic writing style makes her incredibly inspirational to me. Also no big deal but she's the brand manager for a Cleveland based plus sized vintage store called Redress. She's the bee's knees.
Also, while I'm blogging here I think I should probably get around to explaining something I've used on my blog for a while. The name I use on here Roma is actually a pen name I established to prevent dumb teens from finding my blog. Now that I've realized that if they haven't found out about it now they never will, I've decided to start using my real name here which is Sophie Frances. Also, last little bit of houskeeping, I was mentioned in an article in the daily mail that featured some of my blogging bffs check it out


alix said...

I love Zero Style, Erin is such a baba!!

alix said...

omg BABE, I meant to say babe

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

OMG THANK YOU!!!! you are so awesome and i love this post!!! xoxoxo

Flow Disruption said...

Ahh, the name change (or un-change) is messin' with me! Not really, but I may always think of you as Roma. ^-^ Anyway, Erin is incredible. She's one of my favourite bloggers right now as well.

gabi said...

i fucking love this.
check out my blog. i just started it. lafashiongoddess.blogspot.com