Dress: Vintage Gunne Sax. Shoes: Steve Madden from Marshalls
Last week my mother and I drove through Pennsylvania and then to Ohio for a series of college visits. We visited small little towns filled with kitschy diners and giant churches. While on this drive we stopped in the town Carlisle where I bought this AMAZING gunne sax dress at this adorable vintage store called Miss Ruth's Time Bomb.  I've been searching for gunne sax dresses for a while but have had no luck because I don't trust etsy vintage after I got a pair of broken vintage doc marten creepers (still crying about that). 
Anyways, this dress is full of spooky 70's stevie nicks vibes. The bust looks like a piece of lingerie and these photos do it no justice. I'm kind of in this kick where summer has transformed me into basically the human form of this summer camp song:

Which in other words means kind of loopy and dreamy minded.

When I found this dress I also thought about Neil Young desert vibes, Paris Texas (the movie), and movie proms. My personal prom was pretty horrible. For large amounts of times I kind of stood in shock while I watched my classmates grind to Gold Digger. Also the food was really terrible and a bunch of kids threw up. I hate the notion that prom is supposed to be totally magical because during my prom I had an anxiety attack and sat through a really bad hypnotism demonstration. 
Where was I going with this?
Oh yeah, desert vibes.
Ever since last summer when I went to New Mexico my aesthetic has focused largely on desert induced reveries. The desert is composed of visions of loveliness juxtaposed by dreads of desolation so pangs of desert nostalgia can come from pretty much anything, including and especially the way this dress floats when you wear it.
My nostalgia for the desert comes in powerful pangs that don't last all that long but come quite frequently. Soon this desire to go back will leave me and I'll be back in school. Isn't that nice?


Aida said...

I love the dress! It looks amazing on you. So dreamy and Kate Bush-like



alix said...

This dress is heavenly! And I think thats a really good setting to photograph yourself wearing it
I love hearing about your inspiration, its nice to get picture of what you see and feel in relation to a piece of clothing or outfit.

Allison said...

1. AMAZING DRESS that has rekindled my thirst for gunne sax
2. I think it's hilarious that a bunch of kids threw up at your prom
3. I've never been to the desert but I feel you so much on the desert vibes! I've been trying to convince my parents that my family has to go on a road trip to the southwest but so far no dice.

Flow Disruption said...

This dress is amazing! I really love how you paired the shoes with it, too. Prom can be overrated. If someone has a magical time, that's great, but I think the fun of it is more in getting dressed up and that kinda thing. Oh, and I'm totally envious that you visited New Mexico. I went on a road trip to Cali when I was 6 and we drove through a lot of desert-y places (including Death Valley), but I was so young that I couldn't really appreciate it.

But anyway! Awesome post!

Delilah said...

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Cess said...

You look absolutely wonderful and ethereal. Gunne Sax always had such princess-y fairy-y vibes... gerp, it is so lovely! You also look kinda really adorable but that's probably awkward for me to say as I imagen you are older than me (15) given that you are looking at colleges... or maybe you are just a genius kid... Anyways I really like your blog and hope you can find time to check mine out too: the flowered.blogspot.com