Strange Magic

So I know its a little late to do a prom post. I've been planning on this since Prom actually happened in May but unfortunately, finals happened so I basically stopped posting on this blog in general. Prom for me was a very interesting experience. My date was my best friend Eva and we went in a big limo with all of our friends. The dancing at prom, while terrible, was amusing. The food also kind of stunk but it didn't really matter because my limo went for happy meals at McDonald's before hand. It wasn't like the virgin suicides where strange magic plays and everyone dances in pretty pastel dresses or even the homecoming scene in Freaks and Geeks. It was pretty fun.

As far as dresses go I probably angsted WAY TOO MUCH.  I decided very early on I wanted to do something that payed homage to the 1920's. After watching Midnight in Paris in English class and reading the Great Gatsby it is safe to say I romanticize about that time period a bit too much. It's fun to think you can time travel and instantly become this beautiful otherworldly creature, to dance to jazz music and play with the finger waves in your hair even though they're so tight they hurt your scalp. I eventually tracked down a beautiful black velvet antique flapper dress a family friend gave me that her mother bought for her at an antique store years back. The dress was soft and not too tight so I could move. The back was low so I felt ~fierce~ (kidding). I bought a pair of white fishnets and silver dancing t-strap shoes from modcloth and founds a pale pink Schiaparelli style purse quietly sitting in the back room of a roadside antique store far upstate. I also grabbed some vintage costume pearls at a store in Portland Maine.


Due to privacy reasons these are pretty much the only pictures I can show you guys but you pretty much get the picture, I'm a hot ticket. The bottom picture is a crappy instagram close up on my hair and makeup. I did my hair in finger waves which looked AWESOME and these photos do them zero justice especially because they took 2 hours.

Imitation of Christ Spring/Summer 2012. Imitation of Christ was seriously on point (and still is) in its ss 12 collection. It reminded me a lot of flapper brides. The drop waist and neckline was impeccable. In my nascent stages of prom dress searching I found the dress on the right on Opening Ceremony and literally lusted over it for a good week and almost made a kickstarter because being a teen makes it very difficult to spend 2,000 dollars on a dress #sadprivilegedwhitegirlprobz
This picture I found on pintrest a while back. I mean can we talk about this dress/her hair?? I'm totally obsessed with the super low cut neckline. If it were up to me I totally would have done something like that. I've said this countless times but the taboo of nudity is incredibly annoying. Are people that offended by their own anatomy that a woman can't flaunt her figure? Part of what clothes should do is to highlight your favorite body parts after all.
Marion Cotillard is an extreme babe. I'm pretty sure that is all I have to say

This ad campaign for Prada's ss11 collection is possibly the greatest ad campaign video OF ALL TIME. The usage of the Charleston (or something that is vaguely similar) in this was definitely prom inspiration despite the fact that the smell of sweaty teens made it impossible for me to Charleston, let alone keep my food down. That being said, a girl can dream!


dani said...

HI GURL ITS DANI THAT CREEP FROM TPZ eheheh i love ur blog i just followed yay ur such a babe

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

AHHH i love your dress! This is a great prom look you must have stood out in all the best ways. This is inspiring me to post pictures from my prom. You are just the coolest