Lavender Lady

 Dress: Vintage from Sputnik in Reykjavik. Shoes: Modcloth. Bag: Gift. Hat: Vintage Borsalino. Frida Kahlo necklace: from a boutique near Burlington VT. Belt: Target. Sunglasses: Vintage Nikon. Hair Bow: American Apparel Deadstock
When I was Iceland I made a point of spending time shopping in Reykjavik. If you're not familiar, Reykjavik has an amazing conceptual fashion scene. Literally every store I went into sold tsumori chisato, kron kron, or comme des garcons. It was really hard for me not to buy everything so I only bought the dress I'm wearing in these photos and an amazingly dreamy knit sweater that reminds me a lot of shoegaze and hiking in the Adirondacks.
Anyways, this dress is perfect. I've been leaning towards psychadelic prints and kinderwhore vibes for a while so this dress was obviously a huge gem. It is hard to tell but the sleeves are actually fluted so it looks more like a sailor's uniform. Also, the pattern reminds me a ton of marni a couple seasons ago with the whole acid tea party thing.
To complement this dress I paired it with my modcloth silver t-strap dancing shoes I bought for prom (to my surprise these shoes go with virtually everything I own). I also decided to wear a hair bow I bought at American Apparel because I actually have hair now so I can do cute things with bows. The sunglasses have been a wardrobe staple all summer. The bag and Hat totally go with the whole Marni vibe. I personally am not a hat person at all but this hat caught my eye at an estate sale because it reminded me of Jackie O, was made by Borsalino, and was four dollars so basically it had to happen. Also, just because I'm obsessed with Freida Kahlo I felt morally obligated to wear this necklace I found in a random boutique with my Mom in Vermont a couple week ago.

Sissy Spacek in Badlands
My favorite Look in the Marni Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
Girls lyrics and eight year old pressed flowers
 Artwork by Maya for the Wandering Collective
A picture of Courtney Love 
My favorite collage by Yayoi Kusama

 I've been thinking a lot in Vignettes lately. When I create my outfits I think of specific scenes in my life. Imagining myself with my hands on the window as it rains in iceland, lying down in the grass as I watch a lady bug walk across my eyebrows, writing in my journal, listening to Neil Young records. My outfits have become an aesthetic response to my personal life. I'm constantly transcending my own reality and I think that is beautiful and that is art.


alix said...

Ah! that is the perfect print!!! I'm crying into my inferiorly printed dress

Holly-Bella said...

I love your blog, always a pleasure to meet another Eleanor Hardwick fan! Following :)


Flow Disruption said...

Oh man, Iceland looks beautiful. I've always heard it's one of the most beautiful places on earth, but never really looked it up to see what it's like. Your photos are awesome. And this and your prom dress are both awesome. So much awesomenezz.

Chiffon Cloud said...

Lovely dress and hair bow! The photos you chose look great.