Crop Top- American Apparel. Pants- H&M. Jacket: Thrifted. Shoes: Steven Madden. Crown: Buffalo Exchange. Necklace- Gift from my Chinese Teacher. Belt: Target

Hey Tools!
So the past few weeks the weather has been dreadful, dreadful as in I will do a mile loop around my neighborhood and basically will turn into a pile of death. However, for some random reason it has actually been in the lower 70s so I no longer feel confined to wearing ~black tank tops and high waisted jean shorts~. 
Anyways, when I came up with this outfit I had a couple things in mind. Number one being the video for Bad Girls. I mean M.I.A totally kills it in her weird Abraham Lincoln hat and jumpsuit so obviously why not try to recreate it. I also have been thinking a lot about 1980's club culture, like you know in that scene in Desperately Seeking Susan where Madonna is being a party girl? Kind of like that.
In order to create this outfit I immediately dug up my kind of hideously awesome satin, fake Versace jacket I bought at the Salvation Army for like 3 dollars. You can't tell but there are a bunch of gold chains on it looks super lavish. Since it is summer and belly buttons are awesome I decided to pair my h&m mom pants (because the waist is elastic and is ultra high #momjeans) and a crop top I bought at American Apparel. Also, I made sure to wear my 70's style platform chevron wedges. I found them at Marshall's last year and they have been a life saving wardrobe gem pretty much ever since.
This outfit is one of those outfits that makes me really excited about getting dressed. I mean, you wake up in the morning wearing crappy target pajamas then before you know it you look like a grandma on acid who spent too much time out last night and suddenly you feel incredibly empowered and *fabulous*. Clothing is transformative. After my week of wearing nothing but tank tops and shorts it made me feel grateful to actually have such an array of wacky clothing. I don't ever spend much on it either, 90 percent of it is stuff that could be really bland if it isn't paired correctly. You can't just rely on one article of clothing, you have to incorporate as many found objects as possible until you finally create something awesome.

Photo Credits: Screen Shot from Desperately Seeking Susan, Artwork by Grimes, Artwork by Sharon of Outsider Zine


Eryn said...

Incredible outfit!!

alix said...

so many prints, my eyes are popping out of my head (in a good way!) 70s shoes are things I dream about, i love zigzag pattern too!

Cecilia Sammarco said...

unbelievable !!!!
Love it