These Little Things I like

On this blog I constantly post about fantastical clothing, clothing I will never own at this point of my life. As I have repeated thousands of times, fashion is an art form thus, it is often quite fantastical. I realized the other day that I've never really talked much about the little things I like. In other words, items of clothing my salary as a lowly ski instructor can buy. I decided the other day to make a set of the slightly less fantastical items that I think would help me continue to explore fashion artistically and effectively (but then again the effectiveness of personal style is incredibly subjective). 
Oh Lulu 'Ballet' Pink Satin Lingerie Set (etsy)- Okay, secrets out, I'm probably a bit too obsessed with cute underwear for my own good. I found this while in a somnambulant state a couple of weeks ago (in other words i finished my homework at like 10:30 and then sat on etsy for three hours while half asleep look for cute underwear). Anyways, these are basically perfect in every possible way. The satin and lace together appear to have the mystical ability to hug any woman's curves perfectly. In other words, I need an excuse to buy these creatures. 
Golden Ponies Chloe Triple Strap Flats- These shoes are unreal, I've been looking for a pair of holographic shoes that didn't look like they were going to fall apart in 10 minutes (*cough* forever 21).  On top of that they are veryy Miu Miu ss10 (the shape) meets Judy Jetson.
Modcloth Spoke and Word Dress- The pattern on this dress is to die for, i mean, bicycle print nuf said.
Kron by Kron Kron Aunt Ally Tights- If you're not familiar, Kron Kron is this really cool conceptual store out of Iceland. I'm actually going there in a little over 2 weeks so I decided to do a little research. These tights are totally dreamy and ethereal, the patchwork print looks very Raggedy Ann meets Search and Destroy with the muscle tissue print by the feet.
Golden Ponies Mandy Duo Mint Green and Holographic leather crossbody bag- Similar to the flats, I'm a sucker for holographic prints. Also mint green. 
Modcloth Counter Culture Sunglasses- The sunglasses are basically 60's era Pucci (because when in doubt, Pucci!)  and the cut reminds me a lot of a pair of Slow and Steady Wins the Race Shades I almost bought a couple of years ago. 
Caitlin Shearer Mermaid Dress (etsy)- This dress is unbelievably gorgeous, the detailing of the mermaids is totally on point. It reminds me of a slightly more subdued Lolita or a tea party princess.
LeYYa! Map Print Backpack (etsy)- Despite the fact that shipping for this backpack is 30 dollars it is still gorgeous. I saw this on tumblr and realized it was my destiny to own it. It seems like something Suzy Bishop would carry.
Repetto Loafers- After wearing my salvation army loafers to the sole I desperate need new ones. These Repetto ones are the perfect color and shape.
 Patti Smith Hat- I read "Just Kids" a couple of months ago and since then have been excited by Patti Smith. She is everything I could ever want to be. She's incredibly talented and has this rough fairy vibe to her. She's very soft and feminine but also a total badass (not that femininity is mutally exclusive with being a badass). This hat is the total tribute to her awesomeness because she's PATTI FUCKING SMITH.
Now for some wishlist related inspo
(bikini kill-new york times magazine. unknown of bjork. unknown of debbie harry (this is slowly turning into a debbie harry appreciation blog don't mind me) Carla Delevingne for i-D)

Diane Young is quickly becoming my personal anthem for this summer, and this is coming from someone who has never been that into Vampire Weekend


Cecily said...

They're so great! I can't work out wether I would like the dresses or backpack better... I think the backpack– but oh! Bicycles and mermaids! I probabbly can't affor any anyway...

Flow Disruption said...

Awesome wishlist! I like seein' the more "everyday" type inspirations. The map backpack is flippin' cool. It actually looks a lot like a jacket I started forever ago and am finally finishing right now. :) Love the inspo, too.

melina bee said...

I didn't realize you were a year round ski instructor? I know you mentioned skiing here before though.

yes! holographic shoes! Where is the very last image from?

Izumi said...

I'm obsessed with Golden Ponies' stuff. Do you know if they're shoes are comfortable? I need a good pair of shoes to walk around in Paris.

Chloe said...

OMG I want cute fucking underwear. And everything else on your list <3333