Can we please talk about the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album? More importantly can we take a moment to talk about how amazing Karen O is?
I was originally going to write about this in my zine (more on that soon) but I decided the time was now so here I go.
Karen O is actually the reason I got remotely excited about fashion. Before that, I pretty much didn't really understand or care about clothing. I was basically as wannabee disciple of Mike Jeffries *cringes* with really really low self esteem. Around March of 8th grade, a friend linked me to the "Heads Will Roll" video because apparently it was hilarious. I ended up becoming absorbed by it. It was incredibly unorthodox in comparison to my safe taste in classic rock (which by the way I still love). Karen O was basically the physical manifestation of cool.  In my highly impressionable mind she was more of an alien than a real person, a warped version of human perfections. My obsession with Karen O wasn't at all sexual, instead it more of a found curiosity, a chance to change myself so I would hate myself a bit less. Essentially, a way outside of my less than wonderful journey through the second half of 8th grade.
Eventually, I sifted my way through the majority of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's discography. When I finally made it to "Fever to Tell" I entered what would be my prelude to feminism. Karen O's screaming and angst drippings made me feel weirdly empowered. "Date with the Night" is more shock factor then anything but I think that's why it's so rad.
Anyways, where was I going with this? Oh right, Mosquito, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's newest album. It's amazing. Although its not really as raw as their earlier stuff its safe to say its like butter to the ears aka makes me want to melt.

When it comes to style, Karen O dresses a lot like a deranged acid fairy. She's basically done everything from singing in just pasties and jeans to debbie harry approved shockingly short shorts to giant headdresses. Karen O actually doesn't give a shit about what people think about her. She's sexual because she wants to be, not because she's "asking for it" or wants people to think she's hot because SHE ALREADY KNOWS.
Creds: unknown of karen o, visionaire magazine, cindy sherman print, unknown of debbie harry


Ellie Connor-Phillips said...

Your blog is just so cool


Larissa Blintz said...

dude yES YES YES. i love karen o. i went to coachella this year and saw the yeah yeah yeahs FINALLY live. so surreal. she was wearing a hologram sequined suit and she stuck her microphone in her pants for 5 minutes of the show and started dancing with it inside. she's perfect. i also love nick zinner (their bassist) who happens to actually own a home not very far from me.. but i've never ran into him (probably because he's never actually IN la to enjoy his home). i love karen o. she really doesn't give a flying fuck!

Anonymous said...

I only just found out about The Yeah Yeah Yeahs from the song Sacrelige, and PRAISE THE LORD I DID! Karen O is a princess, end of.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the all caps :)