Queen of the Harpies

Dress and Sunglasses: Encore Vintage in Portland Maine. Belt: Express. Tights: Gift. 

Hey internet!
My god, it has been far too long! I feel like you all haven't had the exciting opportunity to read my  sartorial indulgences in quite a while now. That being said, never fear: Here are some pictures of my face and my body and clothing.
The other day, my mom and I stopped in Portland Maine because THE DREAM OF THE 90S IS ALSO ALIVE IN PORTLAND MAINE. This included eating falafel  and going to this manically organized vintage store downtown WHICH WAS UNREAL. If you're ever in Portland you need to go there because everything is perfect and not incredibly expensive. All of the vintage near me either smells like hamster pee (*cough* my local vintage store) or is 500 dollars so this was INCREDIBLY REFRESHING AND AWESOME. I came upon this dress and immediately was in luv.
This winter I went through a phase where I literally hated all of my clothes. I know this sounds super privileged but I was just really ~uninspired~ for whatever reason. The winter was really brutal so I pretty much just wore leggings and sweaters while listening to Neil Young. This winter I also spent absurd amounts of time complaining about I had no social life and how hard it is 2 b a gurl in da werld. Now that that period is over in my life I'm so happy n luv 2 liv and liv 2 luv!!!!! Just kidding (sort of).
In short, this dress made me not hate clothing again. I mean, its hard not to love clothing after having such "success".
As for aesthetics, I'm definitely moving towards the whole angry Grace Slick mod meets like really cheesy disco jumpsuits. Finding psychedelic prints and pairing them with platform heels and then proceeding to be angry is incredibly satisfying. I've been listening to a lot of Melody's Echo Chamber lately which has also influenced me to have more of a "60's underground" sort of vibe.


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Eryn said...

WOW your outfit is incredible. The way you described your winter is pretty much exactly how I'm feeling right now. It was reassuring to read about the other end! Being uninspired sucks.
That song is great. <333

alix said...

okay first your hair has gotten so long. its adorable!
also. omg your dress is amazing and if I could live in nothing but psychedelic 60s prints for the rest of my life I would be so happy. but I don't own single thing like that (and screw etsy its too expensive) (maybe I should go to Portland. its a little far but I think its worth it)
Also I have now finally listened to melody's echo chamber. I've kept meaning to, because of her links with tame impala (and I love them) but I just never have. That's a nice song too
(yeh this is a kind of long comment but hey whatever)

Allison said...

That is the most stunning dress!!!!!! I'm glad it's pulling you out of your wardrobe-hate, which I understand far too well.

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melina bee said...

I was pretty uninspired this past winter as well.
yowza, that dress is amazing!! I love it

Carla said...

i was always get uninspired in the middle of summer and just want to walk around in my undies and stuff cause its so hoooottttt.
I am very glad its almost winter in australia:)
your dress is super duper awesome.

The Sequined World said...

That dress is incredible, oh my goodness.

Izumi said...

I love your dress! SUch cute print!

Burn That Dress said...

Bwaahaha, immediately when you mentioned Portland I sang that catchy portlandia tune (as I see you did too).
That dress is such a steal and sometimes it really is refreshing to purchase a piece somewhere outside of your normal domain.

dani said...

yr such a kewtie, that dress is amazing and yr shadez omg. your blog is such a great source of inspiration (◕‿‿◕✿)


Ellie Connor-Phillips said...

that dress is making me want to cry with perfectness