I was in class yesterday, quietly doing my work, when all of a sudden, the substitute teacher looked at me and laughed. She was laughing because she thought of a beautiful, surreal memory. She told me when she was my age, she went to Pairs and went to Moulin Rouge. There was a show going on and there were beautiful women, contorting their bodies like ethereal beings in a tank of water on a stage. I couldn't stop thinking about it after she told me. I sat in my thoughts thinking of the beautiful women in the takes. They sounded nymph-like and dreamy, not wearing any clothing and dancing in water. The memory was one I will never forget, despite the slightly bizarre context of the teacher's sudden moment of introspectivness and dreamy nostalgia. 
I took a series of photos of one of my best friends in my town. When I went to edit them, they looked bizarre but beautiful. (Is it bad to think my own work is beautiful? Am I "self absorbed"?) Everything feels hazy and wonderful which has caused my aesthetic to shift.


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Claire said...

What a beautiful moment.

And no, it is definitely not bad to think that your work is beautiful. To recognize your own work as beautiful is actually one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Also, I really think that a person's ability to see beauty (such as you are describing in such a wonderful way here) is a human beings greatest strength.