Mountains Beyond Mountains

I took some pictures of my friend Anna a couple weeks back for a series called "Mountains Beyond Mountains." I wanted to create a surreal David Lynch sort of world and add a Patti Smith sort of character. While shooting these I thought a lot about Arcade Fire's "Deep Blue" and Purity Ring's "Lofticries." Everything needed to feel hazy and dreamlike but also very vapid and harsh.

p.s: I'm still looking for Butch submissions! send everything my way by March 29th!



Comme Des Garcons FW 13 was a collection like no other. Rei took the conventional suit and made it to an artform fit for a mad man or perhaps more of an illusionist. Full of over the top bows and layers in eccentric prints made me feel  I was in a surreal  storybook. With a mix of beetlejuice, edwardianism, dadaism, and pop art bad boys it is safe to say comme was by far the best out of anything I've seen this season.


prada sport s/s 2001 photographed by phil poynter

credits: prada sport ad campaign, unknown, unknown, and from this tumblr




I was in class yesterday, quietly doing my work, when all of a sudden, the substitute teacher looked at me and laughed. She was laughing because she thought of a beautiful, surreal memory. She told me when she was my age, she went to Pairs and went to Moulin Rouge. There was a show going on and there were beautiful women, contorting their bodies like ethereal beings in a tank of water on a stage. I couldn't stop thinking about it after she told me. I sat in my thoughts thinking of the beautiful women in the takes. They sounded nymph-like and dreamy, not wearing any clothing and dancing in water. The memory was one I will never forget, despite the slightly bizarre context of the teacher's sudden moment of introspectivness and dreamy nostalgia. 
I took a series of photos of one of my best friends in my town. When I went to edit them, they looked bizarre but beautiful. (Is it bad to think my own work is beautiful? Am I "self absorbed"?) Everything feels hazy and wonderful which has caused my aesthetic to shift.