me by katherine
Picture of me by my friend Katherine

Lately, I've been really into what society tells us is "pretty". I like getting up each day to put on something "figure flattering" and put on some lipstick and blush that make my eyes look like I'm a bush baby and make my cheekbones pop. Prettiness is really weird. I can't figure out if my obsession with being conventionally pretty is out of me try to be accepted by my classmates or that it is really something I feel comfortable with. I'm actually beginning to think it is the latter. I love the feeling of looking "pretty" and I don't think that makes me any less of a feminist. I hate how feminists stereotypes tell people that they can't conform to society's expectations of "pretty" (what is conformity anyway). Feminism is the radical notion that you can do whatever the heck you want with your body and style.  If I want to feel pretty, I should be able to. Feminism is about finding confidence in yourself. If I feel confident wearing high heels and a dress then that is really all that matters.
The other day, a friend asked me (jokingly) why I was wearing a pair of 5 inch heels the other day if I was a feminist. I thought of what he said like it wasn't a joke. The heels I was wearing made me feel AWESOME. Just because they were 5 inches high doesn't make me any less of a feminist. I've kind of realized this year that I need to stop bashing people for shopping at stores like Abercrombie or Pink. I mean, what if that is how they feel confident? Maybe yoga pants make them feel like they've achieved MEGA BABE STATUS? Who am I to make fun of them?

On an unrelated note, I know I've been neglecting this poor lil blog a lot lately. If you want to read more about my ~super exciting life~ I highly advise you check out Eva's teen diary collective where I post once a week.

EDIT: The title is supposed to be sarcasm. It's in reference to bad reality tv.


Flow Disruption said...

Looooove this! And yes, I shall tell you that you're pretty, 'cause you are!! I think the negative aspect of our society is that its definition of pretty is so narrow (and thus, people end up believing they're not pretty when, really, they're pretty and sexy and hot as hell).

The one thing that's always bugged me is the thought of being judged (positively or negatively) on looks alone. But, in a sense, it's inevitable, and it's best to just rock whatever feels comfortable. Confidence speaks more than conventional beauty, anyway. (Okay, I'm done now.)

gwen said...

Great post!
I think wearing wearing things only for the purpose of "not fitting into societies norms" to seem like a "good feminist" only perpetuates stereotypes.

In the end, it's best to just wear what ya love to wear, I guess! <3


Larissa Blintz said...

Ahh.. Shit. I need to stop doing that, too. The whole bashing Abercrombie and Hollister people. Just this morning my friend showed me a picture of this guy she's been talking to and asked if he was ugly, and he was wearing a "Raiders" snapback and was wearing a neon Hollister shirt with camo cargo shorts. Gag. I yelled, "GROSS! HE IS *SO* UGLY!' 95% of the reason why I thought he was ugly was purely his aesthetic choice, not his bone structure or genes. I felt pretty bad afterwards because I'm sure people think I'm fucking ugly with my *weird* purple hair and my combat boots.

What a good day to publish this post. SO RELEVANT TO MA LIFE

Larissa Blintz said...


Hana said...

Exactly how I feel! Feminism shouldn't be about having to dress in a certain way! By the way I love your hair and you're really pretty!

melina bee said...

that's a GREAT freaking photo!

so, I'd say that much of what we determine as "pretty" is in fact biological in nature and relate to health and sexuality. for example rosy cheeks indicate general good circulation and youth whereas red lips are indicative of arousal.

People who are confident and happy in themselves don't have a tremendous need to judge or criticize others, btw. I don't see how not being able to express your femininity is in any way empowered. That goes for both genders. As far as you know, you've got one life, so live it how you want.

Domenic Bartlett-Roylance said...

you're pretty

XX Domenic


Olivia Trimble said...

You are pretty hehe! No but seriously have you read The Beauty Myth? If not you should!!! Where did this idea of a "conventional beauty" come from in the first place? Why is there one!?

Fleur said...

pretty is what you think looks pretty. stupid society with their society rules!
lovely blog, dear :)