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BUTCH ISSUE 3 *yes this is happening*



I have some very exciting (or at least I find it exciting) news to share with y'all!
 I'm going to commence working on the third issue of my zine, Butch. This issue, the theme is traditional femininity which I am really looking forward to.
This theme is really vague for a reason: I'm really interested in seeing your interpretations of traditional femininity. I want to have essays about how the social gender construct influences our lives as young women. My last post was sort of a introduction as to what I hope to accomplish. I want a discussion about what it means to pretty. I want to explore hetero normative constructs of what is "girly" or "cute" as well as what pretty means for individuals that don't fit into the gender binary at all.  I also want to explore what femininity means in non western cultures.
I also want to balance this off with fun DIY's, articles about cute underwear (I LOVE CUTE UNDERWEAR), recipes for french macaroons, Marina and The Diamonds, lolita culture, a tribute to Sofia Coppola, artwork, playlists, top 10s, book reviews, and even essays on women like Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette.

I have a collection of contributing staff who I contacted waaay back in September. They will create a lot of content for this issue. That being said, I WANT AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO SUBMIT PIECES TO ISSUE 3.

Another note, this issue will cost a really small price. Last issue I payed almost 80 dollars out of pocket to send color copies to people in Canada and the US. As rewarding of an experience as that was, I'm also a broke teenager.  Butch is not for profit so your money will go DIRECTLY TOWARDS COLOR COPYING AND SHIPPING FEES. I'm also researching a way to send a  hard copy of this issues mixtape. This will also make it possible for me to send butch overseas. That being said, I will still offer a digital copy but I would like to send as few as possible of those. I completely understand if you're a little uncomfortable sending your address over the internet (i am too so i sympathize).


Email me all pitches and submissions to romabkins@gmail.com 

Leave all questions in the comments section!

By the way, I am very very interested in having someone who is a member of the LBGTQ community to write an essay on how traditional femininity affects them as a gay or trans* individual. Also an essay on femme and butch archetypes This essay is one that I feel is very important for this issue's theme.  




me by katherine
Picture of me by my friend Katherine

Lately, I've been really into what society tells us is "pretty". I like getting up each day to put on something "figure flattering" and put on some lipstick and blush that make my eyes look like I'm a bush baby and make my cheekbones pop. Prettiness is really weird. I can't figure out if my obsession with being conventionally pretty is out of me try to be accepted by my classmates or that it is really something I feel comfortable with. I'm actually beginning to think it is the latter. I love the feeling of looking "pretty" and I don't think that makes me any less of a feminist. I hate how feminists stereotypes tell people that they can't conform to society's expectations of "pretty" (what is conformity anyway). Feminism is the radical notion that you can do whatever the heck you want with your body and style.  If I want to feel pretty, I should be able to. Feminism is about finding confidence in yourself. If I feel confident wearing high heels and a dress then that is really all that matters.
The other day, a friend asked me (jokingly) why I was wearing a pair of 5 inch heels the other day if I was a feminist. I thought of what he said like it wasn't a joke. The heels I was wearing made me feel AWESOME. Just because they were 5 inches high doesn't make me any less of a feminist. I've kind of realized this year that I need to stop bashing people for shopping at stores like Abercrombie or Pink. I mean, what if that is how they feel confident? Maybe yoga pants make them feel like they've achieved MEGA BABE STATUS? Who am I to make fun of them?

On an unrelated note, I know I've been neglecting this poor lil blog a lot lately. If you want to read more about my ~super exciting life~ I highly advise you check out Eva's teen diary collective where I post once a week.

EDIT: The title is supposed to be sarcasm. It's in reference to bad reality tv.