Ethereal Vibes : Twin Sister

So in case you haven't figured it out, December has been a month for ~ethereal vibes~ The idea of snow makes me feel really relaxed and want to transform into Stevie Nicks. The only problem with December is that it is always really cold so I can't actually go around in night gowns and cake shoes.
One of my favorite artists recently has been Twin Sister. I've known about them for over a year but haven't really listened to them until this month. They're remind me of  the 60's underground music scene, the kind of band that you can really just float to. I know that sounds really weird but if you listen to them YOU WILL TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M GETTING AT. Andrea Estella is a goddess of unparalleled proportions. Every note she sings has so much aesthetic value which is really important to me. I feel like good music needs to be able to paint a picture or as a mentioned in a recent post, tell a story. Twin Sister does this for me. I imagine myself traveling somewhere every time I listen to their music. I'll picture myself sitting in a car, looking out a window at a forest with really big trees.

 Eastern Green- I keep changing my mind as to whether I like the acoustic or studio version of this song. The acoustic version is more waltz-y and the studio version is more traditional  electro-dream pop (wowee look at me bein' all kewl n official talkin' bout kewl tunez!) Regardless this song is the kind of song for big quilts and looking at maps (which fun fact is something I'm weirdly obsessed with). I feel like I could wear a really long 70s prom dress and meadham kirchhoff cake shoes in this song.

 Milk and Honey-Ahhh this song. I've been really into this in particular. It reminds me of Audrey Horne when she dances. I can't really put my finger on why but it does.
All around and away we go- The video for this song is just SO CUTE. it is kind of like being in a weird 70's fantasy movie that would be called "Intergalactic Disco Girls from the Deep" or something. Also the lyrics remind me of a picnic.
Other tunes:
Lady Daydream
Galaxy Plateau (the title...YOU GUYS)
I want a House

That is all


Ship of Fools

I got bored today and I redid a window in my room. To compliment it, I put together this outfit that for some reason feels very Virgin Suicides. It's the kind of thing I'd really like to wear on a swing somewhere. I can't really put my finger on why. I bought the scarf from this old guy the owned this thrift store in this random basement near Skidmore. It is obviously blessed so I'm obsessed with it.
For me, decorating my room has become just as enjoyable as getting dressed. Interior decorating was actually the reason I got into fashion in the first place, weirdly enough. In middle school I would make collages for my "dream room" it would have giant Japanese screen prints and pastel green walls. When I found that redoing my room was economically impossible I translated my obsession with making rooms pretty into wearing aesthetically pleasing clothing. 

I hope all that celebrate it have a merry Christmas! 


p.s sorry for posting a lot lately, I have minimal homework over break so I have a bunch of creative energy all of a sudden


Or a Ribbon for your hair

Found these photos on internet K Hole the other day. I've been reading a lot about the Vietnam war and its aftermath so I felt these photos would sort of sum up how I've been feeling about everything I've read. Every couple of years or so I get really into protest music. I've found myself listening to The Grateful Dead's album "American Beauty" Lindsey Weir Style as well as "After the Goldrush" and "Volunteers". It's really funny how anger in the 60's and 70's sounds really beautiful: listening to Grace Slick saying "Up against the wall motherfucker" sounds weirdly romantic. I find it really amazing that artists back in the Vietnam era are so poetic. It kind of makes me sad that music today is just ONE GIANT SEXUAL EUPHEMISM. Then again who am I to judge? Tastes change and unfortunately I'm  too freakishly bitter and realistic to be a teenager.


The Stuff Dreams are Made of

Lately this blog has been really self indulgent, in the way that blogging should be. I've been using this here blog more for exploring my own personal aesthetic than when I first started this lil guy in 2010. When I first started blogging I needed an excuse to be an attention whore because well...when I was 14 years old I was an attention whore (am I going to feminist hell for using the expression "attention whore"?) At 14 I was going through a really weird shift in expressing myself. In middle school I was really loud in an uncomfortable way. I was really really quirky, so quirky that it was really tough for me to make friends. I tried to make friends by dressing how the popular girls did. I know that sounds really pathetic but it is entirely true.
By the time I started blogging I had completely changed everything about the way I carried myself. Therefore, I felt obligated to SHARE THE GOSPEL THAT WAS MY TRANSFORMATION THROUGH PUBERTY AND BEYOND! In other words I just posted stuff so people would notice me because I was obviously a very neglected teenager from white suburbia.
What I'm getting at is that period of my life is over. Now that I'm older and stuff I'm kind of at peace with my personality. I mean there times where I'm pretty freaked out by myself, like times where everything I say I literally cringe afterwards and look like I just smelled someone's poop.
Anyways, I'm writing this post sort of in response to the Stylelikeu video of Arabelle (below). Arabelle is one of these people that are just incredibly inspiring. In the video she talked about the legitimacy of being friends with/looking up to people on the internet. Arabelle is kind of like that for me, her and Meagan  who I secretly hope I can be like when I'm in my 20s. They both are incredibly powerful feminists. Arabelle is the angry and unapologetic one who is all Kathleen Hanna. Meagan is the ultimate shoegaze goddess who is incredibly passionate about feminism in a way that is totally just too inspiring to put into words.

To celebrate the internet bein' kool I decided to literally go nuts this week with outfits at school

Arabelle in a killer PVC blazer
ugh sorry bad formatting alert. 

Meagan in HOMC being a shoegaze goddess

To sum all of this up, it was the internet that made me realize that I've always been a feminist and it was the internet that made me realize what it truly means to be a feminist. Even that is open to interpretation. There is no rulebook called "How to be a feminist in 5 easy steps" it's all open to interpretation. Feminism isn't a cult, I've never had a passionate young woman come up to my door and try to convert me by saying shit like YOU WILL BE DAMNED IF YOU DO NOT JOIN OUR CLUB. (I actually use that sometimes towards boys who think that I'm diseased if my "horrible feminist ideas of bra burning and SINNNNNNNN" ever come into conversation) #Illuminati. It's just kind of a belief. One that's really awesome, you know?

Wow sorry this was really personal.


No Reason to Leave Here Soon

A couple weeks ago one of my very close friends took pictures of me in my room for a photography project.  Figured I should post them on here because the shoot focused a lot on my personal style. The pictures speak for themselves so this is it for words in this post.

Shirt and Dress are vintage. Shoes are Doc Martens that I customized. 

one of my friends got me into Sufjan at exactly the right time so now I'm obsessed.


Look at Mother Nature on a Run in the 1970s

I've been meaning to do an outfit post all week but that involves so much effort. I'm 16 years old and during my free time I sit around in leggings and watch tv soooooo....hopefully next week. Also, the fact that it is dark and freezing up in the ~great north~ 24/7 hasn't really helped me either.
Anyways, recently I've discovered that my school has a massive archive of national geographic's so I've been really inspired by the whole aesthetic nature brings. I've really enjoyed reading blogs like "Cabin Porn" and reading Thoreau (oh god that sounds really pretentious I swear to god I'm not like that in real life!)
I find something really beautiful about nature. We live in such a developed world so its nice to romanticize the wilderness. I know its not good to romanticize and be self indulgent but I think there is something really special about being able to imagine futures that aren't dull and places that aren't covered in sprawl. I'm such a realist when it comes to the present and immediate future but when it comes to the far off future I get really excited. I mean, in two years I'm going to have so much freedom so I can't help but dream about it.
Lately I've also been listening to Neil Young and dressing all ~dreamy~ by wearing my rug dress and huge cable-knit old man sweaters that are good for telling stories about ice fishing and being Ron Swanson. The main reason is pretty much the fact that I'm actually too lazy to wear non sweater items of clothing. I love snow and stuff but to be an annoying ~fashun blogger~ it's really hard for me to experiment with clothing. Also my kewl photographer boyfriend is like totally scared to take pictures in the cold! omg! my life is so fabulous! ARE YOU LISTENING? IF YOU'RE NOT YOU SHOULD CUZ IM VERY IMPORTANT. DORT DORT DORT. oops sorry, who let me on the internet?

(from Sara Gossett’s flickr)vintagenatgeographic:

Cabin on Porcupine Creek, Alaska
National Geographic | February 1994


David Doubilet, Marsa Mukabela, Sinai Coast, Israel (Egypt), 1982

Photographer unknown, Algeria, n.d
July 1966
Mount Rainier
(from Sara Gossett’s flickr)typicmaker:

Ecola State Park. 
All photos are from various national geographic scans except the last two (an advert for a vw bus and a film still from Hanna) the 6th photograph is of me that Leah took before our backpacking adventure to Saint Vincent.

~sum jamz~


If I could have it back


saw this on etsy and its totally gorgeous

Prada is so perfect this seasonfor a month of my life this was the view outside of my bedroom
st. Vincent and the Grenadines 2012 witchesandslippersandhoods:

Comme des Garçons SHIRT
First two images are unknowns, promo poster for twin peaks, a book I found on Etsy, Prada ss13 shoes, a picture outside my room in Saint Vincent, Comme Des Garcons Shirt Advert, Taboo. 

Recently I received a zine from Brittney of Flow Disruption. It is truly beautiful and honest. I wrote an essay for it about my personal body image. Brittney managed to compile quite the collection of essays, poems, and artwork. I don't think a review will do it justice so I would recommend buying it from her. There is a link to her blog on my sidebar.

I'm not going to write a whole lot in this post. Basically I've been way too busy lately with my junior year to actually play around with my aesthetic which has really stunk. I've pretty much spent all of my weekends just sleeping and freaking out about how my celebrity twin is Sam Weir.

That being said I've really been into dystopia and the idea of drifting in some sort of bizarre post apocalyptic America. I like to envision outcomes for the future. I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of the multiverse so as you can imagine, finding a way out of the "Seven Veils of Unreality" has become sort of a weird passion of mine.
Also, winter in upstate new york has begun so I'm beginning to think in the mindset of snow and small cabins in the mountains. Winter has called for listening to arcade fire and living inside of a Japanese horror film.

I am planning on starting up Butch again over Christmas break. The theme is traditional femininity. I hope you all get a chance to submit something because this issue is going to be super exciting! I have a really small staff right now so Butch 3 is going to be beyond rad.

Expect an outfit post for Tuesday.