Wanderlust: The Never Ending Story

 really into Of Montreal ~kewl teen life~ y'all
I've never really talked too much about my obsession with fantasy/ science fiction novels. Ever since I was about 4 years old I've kind of been obsessed with the idea of fantasy. When I was little I was a really odd kid and although I was superduper hyper I had a lot of trouble relating to people my own age so I started to extensively explore the multiverse. I like looking at things in parallels. Multiple interpretations are groovy and so are accidental plot holes that let you "choose your own adventure." My obsession with fantasy and science fiction has influenced the way I dress. I like creating outfits that are almost allegorical. I'll wear something that, if you look into it, has a different meaning than on the surface. I'm kind of a huge literature nerd but I have always thought it was too pretentious or irrelevant to talk about on this blog until I realized that my outfits were completely influenced by the type of books I read.
One of my earliest first loves was "The Never ending story" at first glance this movie is hilarious, tacky, and cliched. Looking at it again, that is what make it so freaking awesome. The scenery makes you feel like your "on drugs" (not saying I do drugs for the record I just can't think of anything better to say DURPDURPDURP) in an epic greek myth. The kingdom this story takes place in, although horrific, is gorgeous. It is literally wanderlust.




Top: Vintage. Dress: Bernie Dexeter. Slip: Vintage. Tiara: Party City. 
So this year for halloween I decided to go as a zombie prom queen from HELL.  It was pretty rad because it was an excuse to wear all of my favorite items of clothing to school.
One of my favorite things about my high school is Halloween, for whatever reason, everyone comes out of their generally angsty shell and puts on a costume. I kind of pulled mine together at the last minute because I was too busy building pillow forts in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, because I live so far upstate my town, unlike during Irene (which killed 6 people in my area) didn't really get hit at all. I hope all of you all from downstate are doing ok!
For some reason I'm having trouble trying to phrase everything all eloquently (because i am obviously a real genius). The real reason is because i had an APUSH test today and my brain has pretty much turned into pudding.
Anyways, I've been listening to a lot of dream pop lately and as winter (my favorite season) is approaching I felt it would be apt to do ~vibes~ moodboard
merci leon



prada ss10 
prada ss10
Black Hole

I know this song is overplayed but honestly, it is so powerful. It fills the room with pure sound.