Babe Attack: Mermaidens

So it's been quite a while since I've done an interview on this blog. As you can tell I've finally changed that. Anyways, I've been obsessed with Kailey ever since I discovered her blog a couple months back. Her effortless style and overall ~dreaamyy~ aesthetic is beyond perfect. She's also a DIY and Zine queen.

What is Mermaidens?
Mermaidens is my blog where I share my various creative projects and celebrate my love for DIY, personal style, film, and animation!

What is your favorite thing about pastels?
They remind me of my childhood toys!

How do you feel about macaroons?
I haven't ever tried them! Though, as a lover of all things sugary, I'm dying to have a taste!

Make a 5 song playlist for Summer
Ooh that's a toughie! Here are the five songs I've listened to the most this summer:
Bigbang - Fantastic Baby
Beach House - Lover Of Mine
Rihanna - S&M
Björk РHyperballad
Azealia Banks-212

What would you say your spirit animal is?
As somebody who is not Native American, I am not comfortable appropriating that term - but me and Judy Jetson are totally kindred spirits!

What is your favorite Disney Film?
Without a shadow of a doubt, Cinderella (1950)! I don't know if it was the animation, the color scheme, or Cinderella herself - but I have been enthralled with the film ever since I was a tiny thing!

What inspired you to write your zine? How did you feel about creating it?
Marlena introduced me to zines, and also encouraged me to make my own! I just felt really, really excited during the whole process - and impatient for it to be done so I could share it with everybody!

What inspires your outfits/ Who is your biggest style inspiration.
My biggest sources of inspiration come from fashion bloggers (Arabelle, Marlena, and Eline are like the absolute top tier for me), cartoon characters, and film stars! Right now in particular I am loving Judy Jetson and Mia Farrow.

Describe a day in the life of Kailey.
Rather boring, I'm sad to admit! I wake up late, check my email, eat breakfast, walk my (new!) dog and help take care of my younger siblings. It's usually only late at night that I have bursts of creativity and can work on my blog posts, drawings, and D.I.Y. projects! Usually when I get into that mode I can do until I am too tired to continue, so after that I feed my cats and collapse into bed!

What is your favorite item of clothing that you own?
I'm going to be obvious and say my DIY mermaid shirt! I am so so proud that I made it myself, and it's surprisingly versatile! I also feel like it really captures my humor and aesthetic.

What are your hopes for Mermaidens in the future?
I just really hope I can continue doing what I'm doing! I feel so lucky to be part of this community and have the opportunity to create relationships with such talented people. Hopefully I can continue being inspired and inspiring others!

Thanks Kailey! Make sure to check out her obviously rad blog Mermaidens


Sharing White Bread under Purple Blue Blossoms

Everything is Vintage: Top is a gift. Dress (worn as a skirt) from an artgallery. Shoes are vintage doc marten creepers from etsy.

The other day I popped into an artshop in my town. I would generally use the term "art" rather lightly when it comes to the aesthetic of where I live but this store was an exception. It was full of kitschy crafts ranging from pillows with baby doll heads sewn in to Meadham Kirchhoff-esque children's bedframes. However the most notable thing I found was a room full of dreamy Virgin Suicides- like night gowns and lingerie. I immediately grabbed a pale pink gown that reminded me of a the House of Matching Colours collection from last season as well as, to be obvious "The Virgin Suicides" it's dreaminess pretty much called for me from across the room.
In order to do the dress justice (and to continue with the theme of wearing bed clothing "inappropriately") I paired it with a bedshirt and my doc marten creepers my mom (yay for moms!) found on etsy.
This outfit also made me think of the dreaminess of Twin Sister's EP "Color Your Life" It made me think about "All Around and Away We Go" The lyrics of that song are so effortlessly beautiful yet incredibly strange, making me feel the need to simply translate the song into an outfit.


I am more than my face

All Photos are from Nagone's website
"I am more than my face" is what, I as a young woman would like to believe. Am I really more than the most superficial layer of my identity?
When I came across Mitsuko Nagone's photo series my mind was challenged. She depicts that the idea of the human face is something that in society is something that supposedly can tell you who a person is. When I looked at the series I realized that Nagone was right, the face is just flesh and bone. It is the way it is constructed that leads most to believe otherwise.
We live in a world where our identity is everything. Fashion can tell us two things: It can tell us that the world is constantly judging us to preform. It can also give the individual a way to tell a story, to be more of a character. I first became interested in fashion for the second reason. I am not a conventional artist. I cannot draw, paint, or sculpt. Fashion for me was a way to express myself as an artist, it was a way for me to transform myself into more of a character. That's really what getting dressed is, it lets us morph into the people we want to be as well as the people we can't imagine will ever exist.
When I look at designers like Meadham Kirchhoff and Comme Des Garcons, I see the second coming of my childhood. I see a form of art that lets us become our wildest fantasies.

As stupid and cliched as I realize this sounds, I'd like to think it has some air of truth. To backtrack a little bit, I ask you this: "Are you more than your face?"

**It has just came to my attention that someone on the "Bust" site posted about this series the same exact day as I did. This is purely coincidence. I did not copy the "Bust" writer and vise versa**


Please be my Third Eye

Dress: Vintage. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. Fonz pin: Vintage. Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange. Book: Breakfast of Champions.

It appears I have not blogged in quite some time. I have a legitimet excuse for once, I've been away. However, unlike usual, I've been spending my time wisely (As opposed to constantly playing with the tiny threads of teenagerie.) My expirences were worthwhile. Unfortunatley, due to my sassy disposition I will not share them with you. That and I'd like to think I'm not an open book on the internet.
Anyway, at the end of my trip I spent a very worthwhile 4 days in Boston with one of my best friends in which I bought, you guessed it CLOTHING. Not just any clothing, the type that smells like cigerettes and drag queens. The dress in this photo was probably my favorite thing I purchased.
Now onto the outfit. When I found this dress initially I freaked out immediatley tried it on. When I look at it, I'm reminded of Miu Miu's fall 12' collection. It's collar and major vibing ability makes me think of a more unconventional beauty. Not to sound cliched or anything. I am a blogger after all. When assembling this outfit, I kept in mind the ideas in the Miu Miu collection but also focused on making it more of a tribute to Enid Coleslaw. I paired it with my favorite pair of sunglasses to because *i have sumthing 2 hide cuz I'm 16. no 1 getz me* which is very Enid. I also wore my Fonz pin 4 luck and also because it has my mantra on it: "SIT ON IT" how deep can u get? It could be a sexual inuendo or it could in fact be simply trying to say "My ass hurts because I've been hiking all day so I am going to sit on this cushion which is replaced with 'it' in the sentence." What do YOU think?