The Stuff Dreams are Made of

Lately this blog has been really self indulgent, in the way that blogging should be. I've been using this here blog more for exploring my own personal aesthetic than when I first started this lil guy in 2010. When I first started blogging I needed an excuse to be an attention whore because well...when I was 14 years old I was an attention whore (am I going to feminist hell for using the expression "attention whore"?) At 14 I was going through a really weird shift in expressing myself. In middle school I was really loud in an uncomfortable way. I was really really quirky, so quirky that it was really tough for me to make friends. I tried to make friends by dressing how the popular girls did. I know that sounds really pathetic but it is entirely true.
By the time I started blogging I had completely changed everything about the way I carried myself. Therefore, I felt obligated to SHARE THE GOSPEL THAT WAS MY TRANSFORMATION THROUGH PUBERTY AND BEYOND! In other words I just posted stuff so people would notice me because I was obviously a very neglected teenager from white suburbia.
What I'm getting at is that period of my life is over. Now that I'm older and stuff I'm kind of at peace with my personality. I mean there times where I'm pretty freaked out by myself, like times where everything I say I literally cringe afterwards and look like I just smelled someone's poop.
Anyways, I'm writing this post sort of in response to the Stylelikeu video of Arabelle (below). Arabelle is one of these people that are just incredibly inspiring. In the video she talked about the legitimacy of being friends with/looking up to people on the internet. Arabelle is kind of like that for me, her and Meagan  who I secretly hope I can be like when I'm in my 20s. They both are incredibly powerful feminists. Arabelle is the angry and unapologetic one who is all Kathleen Hanna. Meagan is the ultimate shoegaze goddess who is incredibly passionate about feminism in a way that is totally just too inspiring to put into words.

To celebrate the internet bein' kool I decided to literally go nuts this week with outfits at school

Arabelle in a killer PVC blazer
ugh sorry bad formatting alert. 

Meagan in HOMC being a shoegaze goddess

To sum all of this up, it was the internet that made me realize that I've always been a feminist and it was the internet that made me realize what it truly means to be a feminist. Even that is open to interpretation. There is no rulebook called "How to be a feminist in 5 easy steps" it's all open to interpretation. Feminism isn't a cult, I've never had a passionate young woman come up to my door and try to convert me by saying shit like YOU WILL BE DAMNED IF YOU DO NOT JOIN OUR CLUB. (I actually use that sometimes towards boys who think that I'm diseased if my "horrible feminist ideas of bra burning and SINNNNNNNN" ever come into conversation) #Illuminati. It's just kind of a belief. One that's really awesome, you know?

Wow sorry this was really personal.


meagan said...

This was really special. Thanks so much.

Izumi said...

I have this kinda relationship with these bloggers also. Loved Arabelle in the video too~

Jackets for women said...

This look is seriously stylish, Wow!!!

Arabelle said...

aw thank you <3

melina bee said...

hrm... feminism seems to mean so many different things to everyone... I'd love to see a blog post here about what exactly it means to you, how do you define it.
also, i've met some of my most favorite people ever on the interwebz. totes legit.

Maxens M. Finch said...

Personal posts are interesting even if we do not all have the same experiences... precisely because of that. I love personal posts even though I'm not gutsy enough to write these.
I loved the bit where Arabelle was talking about dressing because it gives you strength.

Eva said...

wow i can so so so relate to this. i was the definition of the awkward middle school tween. boys were really mean to me and i was just so unhappy. i was obsessed with finding my place as well as just being comfortable with myself. i started blogging in middle school - 7th grade i think... maybe 8th. it really helped me, because i discovered other girls who had interests i had, and i discovered feminism which gave me so much confidence and assurance. i'm one of those people that always tries to be the people i admire, and i can't tell if that's good or bad.

Claire said...

This post has a special place in my heart. Everything here is so important and wonderful and I'm just so happy that there are awesome people in the world.