Ship of Fools

I got bored today and I redid a window in my room. To compliment it, I put together this outfit that for some reason feels very Virgin Suicides. It's the kind of thing I'd really like to wear on a swing somewhere. I can't really put my finger on why. I bought the scarf from this old guy the owned this thrift store in this random basement near Skidmore. It is obviously blessed so I'm obsessed with it.
For me, decorating my room has become just as enjoyable as getting dressed. Interior decorating was actually the reason I got into fashion in the first place, weirdly enough. In middle school I would make collages for my "dream room" it would have giant Japanese screen prints and pastel green walls. When I found that redoing my room was economically impossible I translated my obsession with making rooms pretty into wearing aesthetically pleasing clothing. 

I hope all that celebrate it have a merry Christmas! 


p.s sorry for posting a lot lately, I have minimal homework over break so I have a bunch of creative energy all of a sudden


Izumi said...

I love the curtains, I may have to try that.

Maxens M. Finch said...

Wow, I can see how it is ethereal and dreamy... You look just like some of these old photographs.
It all makes me think about this Beautiful People episode where Simon is decorating his window with some pink hairdressing head he found in a trash. Maybe you should try window decoration if you don't already do that... I mean I guess you do, but with things that are easy to find and cheap so you can do it often.

Hollie said...

I love these pictures and what youve done with the window! !! (also dont apologise for posting i love reading all your posts) <3 <3 <3

Olivia said...

That's so cool that interior design got you into fashion! What an awesome scarf, the print is amazing!
Merry Christmas!

Olivia said...

That's so cool that interior design got you into fashion! What an awesome scarf, the print is amazing! Also holidays are the best time to completely indulge in your creativity!
Merry Christmas!

Eva said...

omg i'm so in love with your window!! i'm going to decorate my room some today. you're so lucky you have wallpaper, i love wallpaper <3 and yeah i know, i don't have any homework over break and i've been posting nonstop on my blog. i've been such a boring dresser lately. it saddens me that my outfits are so mundane.

xx eva

Claire said...

Wow, very ethereal. I'm imagining the movement a slight breeze would bring into the window. Slightly moving your (amazing) scarf. Seems almost nostalgic. Sad, but moving.

Psychedelic Daisy said...

omgomgomgomg YESSSSSSSSSS. This is so summery and dreamy and beautiful. that scarf is sooo what my dreams are made of. You look all flower-childy and perfect and fuzzy-ish, like a '70s movie. By the way, I am so obsessed with your blog and you're 100% rad <33

Hvit said...

That's so interesting! I guess it's this universal interest in aesthetics- be it what's around you or you yourself. Fascinating! I've always liked nice spaces and interior design too, but I've never really had an opportunity to really 'edit' (oh my I've turned into the internet) a room because I shared one for years and it just, bleh, didn't happen.

The lace/netting stuff is really beautiful- you must have really good light in your room. I hate bad light.

(Also outfit awesome, but of course)

Cess said...

Is this your room?? If so... It. IS. So. BEAUTIFUL. Like. REALLY. You look almost like a ghosty girl (in a good way) in these pictures... as you said "dreamy"... It's really nice...Also those curtains... ERG SO PRETTYFUL... The curtains in my room are just lace except for one which is white which i painted to say "Don't have sex. Because you Will Get Pregnant and You Will Die"... This is going to make for an awkward time if I ever do have... y'know... OKAY MOVIN ON FROM MY COMPULSIVE OVER-SHARING. SORRY. eheheh. YOU LOOK LOVELY!!!