Look at Mother Nature on a Run in the 1970s

I've been meaning to do an outfit post all week but that involves so much effort. I'm 16 years old and during my free time I sit around in leggings and watch tv soooooo....hopefully next week. Also, the fact that it is dark and freezing up in the ~great north~ 24/7 hasn't really helped me either.
Anyways, recently I've discovered that my school has a massive archive of national geographic's so I've been really inspired by the whole aesthetic nature brings. I've really enjoyed reading blogs like "Cabin Porn" and reading Thoreau (oh god that sounds really pretentious I swear to god I'm not like that in real life!)
I find something really beautiful about nature. We live in such a developed world so its nice to romanticize the wilderness. I know its not good to romanticize and be self indulgent but I think there is something really special about being able to imagine futures that aren't dull and places that aren't covered in sprawl. I'm such a realist when it comes to the present and immediate future but when it comes to the far off future I get really excited. I mean, in two years I'm going to have so much freedom so I can't help but dream about it.
Lately I've also been listening to Neil Young and dressing all ~dreamy~ by wearing my rug dress and huge cable-knit old man sweaters that are good for telling stories about ice fishing and being Ron Swanson. The main reason is pretty much the fact that I'm actually too lazy to wear non sweater items of clothing. I love snow and stuff but to be an annoying ~fashun blogger~ it's really hard for me to experiment with clothing. Also my kewl photographer boyfriend is like totally scared to take pictures in the cold! omg! my life is so fabulous! ARE YOU LISTENING? IF YOU'RE NOT YOU SHOULD CUZ IM VERY IMPORTANT. DORT DORT DORT. oops sorry, who let me on the internet?

(from Sara Gossett’s flickr)vintagenatgeographic:

Cabin on Porcupine Creek, Alaska
National Geographic | February 1994


David Doubilet, Marsa Mukabela, Sinai Coast, Israel (Egypt), 1982

Photographer unknown, Algeria, n.d
July 1966
Mount Rainier
(from Sara Gossett’s flickr)typicmaker:

Ecola State Park. 
All photos are from various national geographic scans except the last two (an advert for a vw bus and a film still from Hanna) the 6th photograph is of me that Leah took before our backpacking adventure to Saint Vincent.

~sum jamz~


M.Rose said...

I love Neil Young! I like nature too. Excellent post

Claire said...

Okay, first of all National Geographic's are perfect. Always. (On an art field trip this year, we went to this BEAUTIFUL PLACE OF PERFECTION where artists donated their old supplies, and other artists can come and take whatever they want for FREE. And they had a seriously huge wall of national geographic's, sadly I could only carry a few).
Anyways! Old mad sweaters are the best, especially with flowy skirts. I too have been dressing very lazily lately, anything way too big, sweater and scarf-like. Long skirts, etc.
Quite odd, but I've been thinking a lot about nature too lately. Especially how destructive humans have been with it, yet how we protect certain qualities of it. Having trouble putting these thoughts into words. But I've just been thinking a lot about it lately, that's all.
Also, this music is perfect. So perfect.

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

those national geographic pix are soooo kewl!! love em.

Katia Pellicciotta said...

I love National Geographic! I too recently found out that my school has a bunch of them and was kicking myself that I hadn't discovered it earlier. All that wasted time I could have spent procrastinating with those beautiful magazines!! I totally romanticize nature too but I think even if it's not as great as I make it I still wouldn't see it that way, because I'm getting kind of repulsed by technology and everything which is ironic because I love the internet and such but sometimes it just overwhelms me and I want to crawl into a forest hole where no one can talk to me because I just can't take the world being so accessible and and and oh my it's stressful. The fact that that is even stressful is ridiculous to me but dramadramadrama ~SUCH IS LIFE~
Also just letting you know I nominated you for a blogging award which you can check out on my blog if you're interested!

Eva said...

roma roma roma ahh!! literally all i ever do is romanticize nature and life and everything. i don't think it's bad to be self indulgent, i think it's absolutely necessary in order to survive the dullness of suburbia and city life. in the typical concrete jungle there are so many limitations when it comes to exploring. i've also been so inspired by nature recently. i've been dressing like a female lumberjack for months now. i live in my moms snow jacket from thirty years ago, and i only wear neutral colors. if i couldn't romanticize my life and bask in the self indulgence that pretty much defines life i'd probably die.

Maxens M. Finch said...

It's so beautiful and somewhat eery at the same time. What is sad is all the places in older NG that have maybe been destroyed?
I love the VW advert. Years ago I wanted one day to own a caravane or just a big truck and go around the country or the world, living in it. Actually I imagined doing that all my life, but then you've got to find money and all (there are solutions, but I overworked my head.)

Domenic Bartlett-Roylance said...

Mother nature back then was just the best.

XX Domenic