Ethereal Vibes : Twin Sister

So in case you haven't figured it out, December has been a month for ~ethereal vibes~ The idea of snow makes me feel really relaxed and want to transform into Stevie Nicks. The only problem with December is that it is always really cold so I can't actually go around in night gowns and cake shoes.
One of my favorite artists recently has been Twin Sister. I've known about them for over a year but haven't really listened to them until this month. They're remind me of  the 60's underground music scene, the kind of band that you can really just float to. I know that sounds really weird but if you listen to them YOU WILL TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M GETTING AT. Andrea Estella is a goddess of unparalleled proportions. Every note she sings has so much aesthetic value which is really important to me. I feel like good music needs to be able to paint a picture or as a mentioned in a recent post, tell a story. Twin Sister does this for me. I imagine myself traveling somewhere every time I listen to their music. I'll picture myself sitting in a car, looking out a window at a forest with really big trees.

 Eastern Green- I keep changing my mind as to whether I like the acoustic or studio version of this song. The acoustic version is more waltz-y and the studio version is more traditional  electro-dream pop (wowee look at me bein' all kewl n official talkin' bout kewl tunez!) Regardless this song is the kind of song for big quilts and looking at maps (which fun fact is something I'm weirdly obsessed with). I feel like I could wear a really long 70s prom dress and meadham kirchhoff cake shoes in this song.

 Milk and Honey-Ahhh this song. I've been really into this in particular. It reminds me of Audrey Horne when she dances. I can't really put my finger on why but it does.
All around and away we go- The video for this song is just SO CUTE. it is kind of like being in a weird 70's fantasy movie that would be called "Intergalactic Disco Girls from the Deep" or something. Also the lyrics remind me of a picnic.
Other tunes:
Lady Daydream
Galaxy Plateau (the title...YOU GUYS)
I want a House

That is all


Olivia said...

Love the winter ethereal vibes! Twin Sister is just sooo amazing! I saw them live last year and they awesome!!

Eryn said...

Ahh thank you for introducing them to me, Roma! Definitely beautiful and ehtereal.

Claire said...

Wow, this music is great. Seriously wonderful. I closed my eyes and was almost in a trance when listening to the first song. Beautiful.

Maxens M. Finch said...

The last clip is funny! I like their style and sound as well, though I only listened to this last sound. Great find! Happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

re: I used an Olympus OM-1. I got it on ebay.

Hvit said...

How have I missed so much good blogging. Just- urgh yes all this. Very awesome.