Top: Vintage. Dress: Bernie Dexeter. Slip: Vintage. Tiara: Party City. 
So this year for halloween I decided to go as a zombie prom queen from HELL.  It was pretty rad because it was an excuse to wear all of my favorite items of clothing to school.
One of my favorite things about my high school is Halloween, for whatever reason, everyone comes out of their generally angsty shell and puts on a costume. I kind of pulled mine together at the last minute because I was too busy building pillow forts in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, because I live so far upstate my town, unlike during Irene (which killed 6 people in my area) didn't really get hit at all. I hope all of you all from downstate are doing ok!
For some reason I'm having trouble trying to phrase everything all eloquently (because i am obviously a real genius). The real reason is because i had an APUSH test today and my brain has pretty much turned into pudding.
Anyways, I've been listening to a lot of dream pop lately and as winter (my favorite season) is approaching I felt it would be apt to do ~vibes~ moodboard
merci leon



prada ss10 
prada ss10
Black Hole

I know this song is overplayed but honestly, it is so powerful. It fills the room with pure sound.


Milex said...

hello stunning.

melina bee said...

love that photorealistic print! you're a fetching lil zombie

The Awkward Indie Girl said...

Such a great costume! I wish people at my high school dressed up.

Hollie said...

rfnedngbwwsp amazing costume it's like it's from a movie or something because it looks like an actual character it's so perfect <3 <3 <£

Carla said...

this is a legendary costume!!!! your dress is so magical!
I think you all are so lucky to live in america, because hardly anything happens in australia for halloween, especially in the suburbs.
Dream pop pretty much sounds like one of coolest genres ever. I love awesome weird types of music like electro jazz or something like that. I am in love with grimes, so I am pretty sure I am in love with dream pop.
I talk too much.

Sasssquatch said...

your blog is gorgeous. Each post you make has this young freshness because well you are young and fresh but I love the images you gather and the outfits you create, its all sheer genius! Also stay safe little pea, I dont want anything to happen to you!!

Sofie Marie said...

Your dress is amazing, such a beautiful pattern. We only get the chance to dress up if we get invited to halloween parties in England(which wasn't happening for me).Often results in me fake blooding my face in my bedroom instead. :(
I love your blog btw,but I don't think I've ever commented.

gwen said...

Love it! :)

gwen said...

also, halloween hasn't happened for me yet (stormfun) but i'm going to be taz from starship!

yep nerdiness...

Jess said...

I love your costume! You look amazing xx


Cess said...

DUDE, DUDE, DUDE CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZING YOU LOOK?!?!!??!!?! PLEASE??!? okay sorry that was awkward and fan girly but I really am in love with the capey thing and the dress and dude everything.... its really cool how its pinned up to show the slip (I is a fan of pinning things)...

hope this comment wasnt too creepy and weird.. ehehehe

Claire said...

Your. Costume. Is. Utterly, And. Inanely. FABULOUS.
Why do you always have to be so perfect Roma? Why??