Internet Witch Queen

Shirt: Vintage. Jacket: Vintage. Skirt: Thrifted from the Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg (it's h&m but WATEVER) Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell *cringes*. Headband: Also from Buffalo Exchange. Pins: Sit on It- Buffalo Exchange (the one in Sommerville) Free Pussy Riot- Search and Destroy in the East Village. Bingo and Jesus- Flea Market. Additional Photos are here  on bb gril Eva's blog and here

Two weeks ago I went to ~Williamsburg~ to visit Bryce, who is the coolest Skate Witch around. It was super awesome. I managed to score sum ~kewl pieces~ at Beacon's and Buffalo Exchange. Beacon's Closet is really overwhelming and I almost turned into a potato for like the 80th time in my life (most potato experiences revolve around me talking to guys. I am realllyyy unsuccessful in the hawt boyz department, LET ME TELL YA).
Anyways, I got this skirt and immediately I was in some sort of iridescence induced trance. To bring tumblr into this, I would like to point out that is is very "Seapunk Business Casual."
I also am realizing that I can't even talk to the Internet anymore without making a huge fool of myself. oops.
This outfit was kind of created to pay homage to tumblr. I have almost no social life so lately I have resulted to spending large amounts of time being an Internet troll. I also kind of wanted to tie in the ideas of getting dress as a social construct. I know I have said this dozens of times but sometimes it is genuinely difficult to get dressed.
This past week I was really worried about being "pretty" What does "pretty" even mean? We dress to impress certain groups of people, we put on masks. I wanted to look pretty because I was uncomfortable with myself. I'm getting a little tired of people lecturing me on how to dress. Honestly, I don't really like how "getting a date to prom" will be easier if I just start dressing conventionally pretty. I'm just a sarcastic whippersnapper. NO 1 UNDERSTANDS WUT ITZ LIKE 2 B ME. I tried that all of this week and it made me feel uncomfortable. I felt self conscious.
High School does things to ya I guess.
Hopefully I can "Live Through This".


Do You Ever Look Back?

"Farm Maiden Hands"

Dress: Vintage (Buffalo Exchange). Sweater: Vintage (my mother's from ireland). Shoes: Vintage Doc Martens from Etsy. Tights: Target. Belt: Target. Sunglasses: Found in a box in my attic. Pins and Ring: Flea Market. Necklace: Gift from my kewl womyn friend Anna 

To start out this fine post on my kewl weblog I probably should explain my whereabouts. To keep it short, I am currently a junior in highschool which means I'm in a current state of "LOLOL WUT SOCIAL LYF HAHAAHAA SKEWL WERK.  APUSH ALL DAY LONG! COLLEGE. THINKIN BOUT KUTE HIGH SKEWL BOYZ BECAUSE I AM A HORMONAL MESS. TUMBLR."
ANYWAYZ. Latley I've been inspired by things other than fashion, this is partially because I was kind of disapointed by the designers I generally look up to. I would tell you there names but I'm a KEWL FASHUN BLOGGER WHO IZ 2 SCARED TO REVEAL HER OPINIONS CUZ MB I WON'T GET MORE "dope swag" from brands. Instead I've taken inspiration by music and "art". I've been on a really weird music kick latley: Lots of dream pop mixed with Neil Young  and Crazy Horse and Jefferson Airplane. This has made feel the need to dress like a really sassy rug. I've been really obsessed with paisley and very soft shapes.
The other day, to add to my ~fall vibes~ I got a 70's mom bob. Basically the best thing that has happened to my hair since I got my first pixie cut when I was 13
I've also been focusing a lot of energy in turning my room into an installation. I've mentioned before that I am by no means a conventional artist so instead I've been currating a space that is more of three dimensional representation of my aesthetic.

The main wall in my bedroom. The tapestry was made by my great great aunt when I was an infant. On the far left is my #dopeswag machete that I bought on my backpacking trip to SVG

Rookie Crown, picture of Georgia Jagger, Post Cards from various places and 5 EC

Hair Barrettes from a shop that sold really bad weaves in Port Elizabeth

More proof that Liz Lemmon is my soul sister. Marc Jacobs resort candle (I AM FASHUN). and a political paper doll book my friend got me for my 16th barfday

To the left is my zine collection. Book is Petit Laurosse from 1929 (when my great grandmother was finishing up college) Post Card from the angels of My Friend Gooo. I bought the camera for five dollars at a garage sale, it was made by Minolta.

Misc Inspiration

unknown. totally contributing for my love towards japanese horror movies.
dis book <3
Breakfast of Champions by my boy Kurt (one of my favorite authors)

Olivia Bee

Venetia Scott for Self Service
Comme Des Garcons for Visionaire 20