I want to settle down

Top: Gift from The Goo Girls Skirt: Thrifted. Shoes: Doc Martens that I revamped out of boredom yesterday. Crown: Meadham Kirchhoff x Rookie (more on that later)

Not a Huge Kimbra fan but this video is essentially how I've been feeling in a nutshell

A couple weeks back, right after I returned from New Mexico, I got a package from the Goo Girls full of magical goods. Most notabley this top that I wore on one of the first days of school. It took me a while to think of ~the perfect way to style it~ because it reaks of Meadham Kirchhoff but finally on a thrift excursion yesterday my problems were solved: I found this random kilt in the back of one of my favorite local thrift store that reminded me of Enid Coleslaw and therefore, via transitive property it reminded me of Meadham Kirchhoff.
When I looked back at these pictures after I finished editing (just the lighting, I swear!) I realized how young I looked. It could be the fact that I was too lazy to put on makeup this morning. The real reason I think I look so young is simply because I am young, it's really hard for us to look at ourselves and see what is really there. I'm 16 god damnit, I can't really hide from myself anymore. I'm still a lill baby for the most part. I also think my docs have to say a lot about my age. I got them when I was 14, right around the time I decided to "reinvent" myself. These were probably one of my first major wardrobe staples that I got to help me change my image. The great thing about that awkward freshman in highschool phase is that the majority of it is actually on my blog. Thank god for the internet.


Claire said...

You are the coolest kid on the internet. No question.

Goo Girls said...

ROMA- you look glorious in the top. we're so happie you recognized the meadham kirchhoff soul of it. we love how you styled it 2

melina bee said...

what exactly is on your shoes? so cute.

wow, I feel the opposite about my awkward teen years: I am so glad that blogging and social media were not around to document that time in my life. it was bad enough for me to live it, nevertheless have to ever see myself that way again!

Eryn said...

Really great outfit. I love the photo of the flowers on the docs.


☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

this is lovely roma!! xo

Britney said...

"Settle Down" is one of my favorite songs! Also, you are a very rad person. -Britney

Emily said...

Ee love the skirt and the shoes... they look vintage. That or really well worn!!