So a couple of weeks ago I found out that some of my ~artwerk~ was put up on Grace Miceli's Art Baby. As a level one internet loser this was pretty exciting for me because no 1 knowz wut itz like. I know what your thinking so shut up because I AM FASHION.
Anyways, I submitted a series of photos I took way back long ago in May with Bryce who is a huge babe and now goes to Pratt.

These pictures were also in Hvit's awesome zine "ON" (more on that later because holy wow H is a wizard)



brie said...

eep i'm in this as well! i remember first seeing your photos in the gallery and thinking they were absolutely stunning!

Bee said...

The pictures are gorgeous. I love the last one!

Bee xo

Emma said...

Those are awesome pictures, I especially love the graffiti house. Is it the house of someone you know, or just a random one?. It's wonderful that you got some recognition for your photos! Perhaps you are now but a level two internet loser. Or is that more of a loser than before? Ignore me, I guess.

Anyways, congrats! You have awesome style and photography and, not to creep or anything (who am I kidding?), but you're a real inspiration to those of us internet fashion losers who are levels even below you. Thanks for posting your exploits on the internet where stalkers I mean fans like I can gawk at our obsessive leisure!

Hvit said...

You're a wizard
You took the AWESOMESAUCE photos and my zine didn't do them justice all small and black and white :(

RA said...

you're looking great!

Goo Girls said...

That's so cool Roma! I'm obsessed with Grace Miceli she rules (I might just have her stickers on all of my notebooks whoops)...Sorry but you're kind of the coolest girl on the internet def not an internet loser...if you're a loser there's no hope for the rest of us lol. Oh and the photos are great! Keep making art and stuff!

Roma said...

@Emma, it's actually this really sketchy abandoned building in a pretty seedy part of town.
@Hvit- not true! your zine was beyond perfect :DDD
@everyone else: thanks!

Jessica W said...

Ahhh well deserved
I dig your stylez

The Lovelorn

Madeline said...

I love these pics, they're so summer, I'm looking forward to summer now :)

Hazel said...

oh gosh, how exciting!
I remember how I felt when a friend found my art on another website.
as always, it was wonderful to see a new post from you.


naivebones said...

hey guuurrl!! I nominated you for a Liebster award!! yoo!! http://naivebones.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/liebster-award.html

Mark said...

Nice place for passing the vacation. Thanks for share with us.

Sasssquatch said...

These photos are superb!!! way to go kitten!!!