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Everything is Vintage: Top is a gift. Dress (worn as a skirt) from an artgallery. Shoes are vintage doc marten creepers from etsy.

The other day I popped into an artshop in my town. I would generally use the term "art" rather lightly when it comes to the aesthetic of where I live but this store was an exception. It was full of kitschy crafts ranging from pillows with baby doll heads sewn in to Meadham Kirchhoff-esque children's bedframes. However the most notable thing I found was a room full of dreamy Virgin Suicides- like night gowns and lingerie. I immediately grabbed a pale pink gown that reminded me of a the House of Matching Colours collection from last season as well as, to be obvious "The Virgin Suicides" it's dreaminess pretty much called for me from across the room.
In order to do the dress justice (and to continue with the theme of wearing bed clothing "inappropriately") I paired it with a bedshirt and my doc marten creepers my mom (yay for moms!) found on etsy.
This outfit also made me think of the dreaminess of Twin Sister's EP "Color Your Life" It made me think about "All Around and Away We Go" The lyrics of that song are so effortlessly beautiful yet incredibly strange, making me feel the need to simply translate the song into an outfit.


Alessia said...

i'm in LOVE with that shirt! you look like if dreams took human form. lovely (:

Goo Girls said...

ROMA queen of my dreams in this outfit! i love the top also your face and the top are quite lovely together A+ outfit. VERY HOMC & Meadham Merged.

Claire said...

Sigh, I love your virgin suicides vibes going on here. Creepy pastels and lace and oh my unicorns I am never going to get over that lace collar (is that what it is?).

Hvit said...

(That blouse!) Very creepy ghost house artsy. Which of course is perfect. Ah, it's nice to be back online.

(I can now post you the zine! I'm back from Iceland! Sorry it's SOOOOO late!)

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

That top is beeeautiful! Ahh, so dreamy, love it :D

Helena said...

this outfit is sooo gorgeous! x

Cess said...

That outfit is every type of amazing... I love the shirt the dress (wearing dresses as skirts 4lyf... you can see that Im cool due to my bad spelling)!! The collar is so beautiful! thank you also for the encouraging words on high school... they helped, its nice to know that you can find people... I guess it would help matter though if I didnt go up to people and introduce abortion as the first subject.. oh and that store sound zonking awesome (umm zonking?)!!!

LuckySweetChild said...

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