Please be my Third Eye

Dress: Vintage. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. Fonz pin: Vintage. Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange. Book: Breakfast of Champions.

It appears I have not blogged in quite some time. I have a legitimet excuse for once, I've been away. However, unlike usual, I've been spending my time wisely (As opposed to constantly playing with the tiny threads of teenagerie.) My expirences were worthwhile. Unfortunatley, due to my sassy disposition I will not share them with you. That and I'd like to think I'm not an open book on the internet.
Anyway, at the end of my trip I spent a very worthwhile 4 days in Boston with one of my best friends in which I bought, you guessed it CLOTHING. Not just any clothing, the type that smells like cigerettes and drag queens. The dress in this photo was probably my favorite thing I purchased.
Now onto the outfit. When I found this dress initially I freaked out immediatley tried it on. When I look at it, I'm reminded of Miu Miu's fall 12' collection. It's collar and major vibing ability makes me think of a more unconventional beauty. Not to sound cliched or anything. I am a blogger after all. When assembling this outfit, I kept in mind the ideas in the Miu Miu collection but also focused on making it more of a tribute to Enid Coleslaw. I paired it with my favorite pair of sunglasses to because *i have sumthing 2 hide cuz I'm 16. no 1 getz me* which is very Enid. I also wore my Fonz pin 4 luck and also because it has my mantra on it: "SIT ON IT" how deep can u get? It could be a sexual inuendo or it could in fact be simply trying to say "My ass hurts because I've been hiking all day so I am going to sit on this cushion which is replaced with 'it' in the sentence." What do YOU think?


melina bee said...

it kinda reminds me of the dress gwen stefani wore in the "don't speak" video, except honestly I much prefer this one, a bit more flattering.
cats eye glasses are always a good idea, if sophia loren has taught us nothing else, it's that big glasses = fashion

I've been away from the interwebz lately, too. but i'm baaacckkk

Isabel said...

Such a John Waters babe.

Claire said...

Hey sounds like you had a pretty awesome vacation and man, THAT dress. The collar is very miu miu. But your sunglasses and pin just make you look so badass.
Your hair is the best by the way.

Sasssquatch said...

absolutely perfect, your blog, EVERYTHING gah can we be blog best friends, your blog makes me happy!!

Flower said...

please marry me or come and live under my bed or something i actually cannot deal with how awesome you are

Jess said...

a clothes shop isn't worth shit if it doesn't smell of cigarettes and drag queens. this is pretty clowes-tastic. x

the moody teenager said...
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Moody Teen said...

I'd pay unreal amounts of money to own that Fonz pin. Bad ass outfit.

- Horea


Goo Girls said...

that collar is epic, and it smells like drag queens to boot.

Maren said...

Yes! I love this outfit! So cool, Roma! I thought my cat eye glasses were cat eyeish! Mine pale in comparison to yours! You totally have Enid vibes goin on here! I love Enid! Thank you for your comments by the way! it actually means alot to have someone as accomplished as you comment on my blog! wow long comment! sorry bout that!

Hollie said...

I love your dress and these pictures and everything about this so much.


Eva said...

love love love love love love love!! i think sit on it means "ugh you're being a fucking ass hole and ur so annoying just shut ur mouth before i sit on it and FART IN UR FACE"


xx Eva