I am more than my face

All Photos are from Nagone's website
"I am more than my face" is what, I as a young woman would like to believe. Am I really more than the most superficial layer of my identity?
When I came across Mitsuko Nagone's photo series my mind was challenged. She depicts that the idea of the human face is something that in society is something that supposedly can tell you who a person is. When I looked at the series I realized that Nagone was right, the face is just flesh and bone. It is the way it is constructed that leads most to believe otherwise.
We live in a world where our identity is everything. Fashion can tell us two things: It can tell us that the world is constantly judging us to preform. It can also give the individual a way to tell a story, to be more of a character. I first became interested in fashion for the second reason. I am not a conventional artist. I cannot draw, paint, or sculpt. Fashion for me was a way to express myself as an artist, it was a way for me to transform myself into more of a character. That's really what getting dressed is, it lets us morph into the people we want to be as well as the people we can't imagine will ever exist.
When I look at designers like Meadham Kirchhoff and Comme Des Garcons, I see the second coming of my childhood. I see a form of art that lets us become our wildest fantasies.

As stupid and cliched as I realize this sounds, I'd like to think it has some air of truth. To backtrack a little bit, I ask you this: "Are you more than your face?"

**It has just came to my attention that someone on the "Bust" site posted about this series the same exact day as I did. This is purely coincidence. I did not copy the "Bust" writer and vise versa**


Larissa Blintz said...

Ugh, this is so amazing. I agree with you -- I got into fashion and personal style because it's like an extension of my personality. That is why when I see someone dressed in a way I like or similarly to me, I feel like I probably CAN judge and assume we have at least one common interest. Personal style is amazing :)

Claire said...

This has been a really difficult topic for me for a while. I'm constantly struggling to prove to people that I am more than a pretty face (I get A+s in most of my classes and all people compliment me on is about my appearance), and that I am an intelligent human being with opinions and talents. Because I'm also very interested in fashion (from both a material view and an artistic view), this makes things even harder. Mostly because people associate fashion and beauty with being these idiotic people who have nothing to really give to society.
As children we're pretty much told that this is what people in fashion are like (through tv and other media), and this is definitely not a true stereotype (look at Rei!), and now, as a teenager trying to figure out who I am, and dealing with a love of fashion in a world that had bad opinions about fashion leaves a very difficult path. I don't really think I'm getting my point across very well here. Pretty much: life is hard. Especially if you're smart and love clothes. And want to bring intelligence to fashion.

I think this comment ended up in a different place than it began, but this is such a great topic of conversation!

Sasssquatch said...

This post is absolutely perfect.

d.h.e.r. said...

you are my heroine, tampon queen. i'm reminded of something vivienne westwood once said. i can't remember the exact words, but it was something along the lines of: the true function of clothes is to frame the face. i'm also reminded of british princess anne who's vowed to make up for what she and apparently the rest of england deems an ugly face by having the most awesome style. with great style it doesn't matter how you look. you, not nature, have created your own vision of who you are, your own greatness. this is what i love about style, it can be used to enhance personality traits and signify a unique position in the world. hopefully, however, there's more to a person than just style. i take great care getting dressed in the morning, but then i usually forget about what i'm wearing as soon as i've left the house. that's a good thing i think. i'm only aware of what i'm wearing when it's something i for whatever reason don't feel comfortable in. or if people really stare at me. heh.

Cess said...

this is so amazing... People tend to tell me I am "skinny" or "pretty" when Im in certain clothing and it always annoys me how they can compliment me on this but hardly say anything about my opinions or when they do its something like "you should really be more quite" thats why I love the blogging community, its a place where your not judged as much on your looks but more on your idea (there are annoying people who do but they are poop heads)... Our faces are just flesh and bone and so are our bodies so why do people put so much effort into judging people by them?! This is also why I like fashion, it does make you more of a character and I like that, I feel that if people are going to judge me on my looks at least I'll have them judge me based on something i can control... this comment probably made no sense... sorry...

Fashion babel said...

gosh photos are perfection.
wanna follow each other?yes no?


Eva said...

Duuuude. Perfection. I don't even know how to express how I'm feeling but dude, this is perfect.

xx Eva