Be my Sweeheart

This picture also includes a very sexy photo of my idiot cat, Charlemagne

picture in the forest ~soo etheral~

Shirt: Milau. Skirt: c/o Sugarlips. Vest: DIY. Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Thrifted. Necklace: Gift. Cheer Mom Pin: Flee Market. Zine Pin: Gift. Sunglasses: Nine West. Idiot Cat: My basement.

This past week Sugarlips was nice enough to send me this rad skirt, it's super dreamy a floatly and it emits rays of magic and ~good vibez~ It also smells really good for some reason which is an added bonus.

Anyways, I wanted to style this in away that didn't make me look like a "ril time fashion blogger" or in other words someone who is like "OMG I LAV FASHUN WHY RNT YOU LOOKING AT MY BLOG RT NOW IT IS SO YOLO I JUST WANT 2 BE POPULAR." In order to toughen it up I paired it with my grrl gang vest and some metal jewelery. I couldn't make it too tough so I also wore my Wednesday Addams velvet wedges and a school girl top.

This skirt also remind me of Desperately Seeking Susan which I probably could go on for hours about. Fortunately I won't. To keep it short and simple: Madonna totally would've "vamped it up" in this skirt in SoHo (However, she probably would have worn is with a lace bustier and some docs.)




Cess said...

These pictures. These pictures are totally amazing and sexxayyyy (that sounds a lot creepier that I ment it to... oops)!! I love all your pins and necklace and just your outfit in general... and your cat... Thank you for your super nice comment
xoox (the UNconformist version of xoxo)

Eva said...

ROMA!!! You look amazing! I love that astronaut thing in your house! Pretty! I like cats, your cat is very nice looking! I really like your outfit, and I love your girl gang vest and your cool skirt and your shirt and pins and necklace. I also really like your shoes. I've been seeing all these Wednesday Addams references recently, and I'm really confused as to why because it's like teen bloggers are sharing their periods or something, because they're all just on the same page and I'm just confused. I actually have never really seen a whole Addams family show/movie thing, so I think I'll do that so I can add to the vibe franchise. You rock and I love your zine!!!!

xx Eva

gwen said...

ooooohhhh! THAT SKIRT IS KEWL! Also, I ADORE those shoes!!! OHMYGAWD <3

Also, the room you're in is really awesome. Like that astronaut thing? Awesome. The cat embroidery wall hanging? awesome.

Burn That Dress said...

First off that painting in the background, SO rad.Also, are those shoes? Well, I like them very much. In general though, you throw outfits together that make me yell "get into my wardrobe now". Anyways, great look.

Josie carr said...

i love love love your blog! might have to follow!

come visit me at http://bblackcatt.blogspot.co.uk

Maxens M. Finch said...

The first picture is good!
I really love the outfit structure and the patterns and accessories... it looks kind of badass (but in a more natural way? authentic? non-vindicative or scared way? not badass out of bad stuffs that happened to you?) and even witchy in some way, because of the skirt.

Maxens M. Finch said...

Also, I really like the wall decorations, the cat and space things.

gwen said...

Hi Roma! I just tagged you for a tag! *~sentence win~*

You don't have to do it but it might be (?)fun(?)

Here is the post with rules:


And here is the post with my questions for you:


Love ya dahl! Keep up the SHMANTASTIC blogging!


Claire said...

Magic nice smelling skirts are the best! I love the vest and pins with it though.
Oh and your cat is super sexy by the way.

Hvit said...

The skirt totally be one of THOSE fshn bloggers kind of things, but it looks totally awesome here. Somehow the fact it smells good is pretty cool too. What does it smell OF?

I love your punky denim jacket and tough grrrl look. You make it look tough and pretty and just, cool. Basically. ;)

The Holly Rivers Show (formerly The Fashion Turd) said...

Th dIY vest is right up my alley...can i be in your grrrrl gang??!! x x x

Bee said...


Just Kidding!The e neaklace and 'I read Zines badge' are aborable. xxx

Anonymous said...

This is super cool.. I am into your style. Adding your blog to my list of following, due to - originality. Feel free to check mine out.

Ibe said...