Suburban Mysticism- A guest post

This is a guest post written by Hvit of H blogs F about Suburban Mysticism
Suburbs are really weird things, especiallyAmerican suburbs. I’ve noticed recently in the current Rookie Mag mania thatwe’re all obsessed with them, obsessed with sun bleached houses and that ideaof conformity, blank white faced walls. Suburbs are all anonymous, and all thesame. All -pretty much- ugly in a not too conspicuous way. I wonder if thereason the fashion-blogger community is so enamoured is because thoseadjectives are pretty much the oppositeof what we’re all trying to get at.
Anonymity, conformity, ugliness.

See what I mean?

The less eccentric approach would be to saythat we’re just trying to glamorise the mundane. So many people live insuburbs- so many of us I guess. That’s what they were designed for. Rows androws of people. Suburbs are a little dystopian aren’t they? Like insects, cellsand cells of houses with matching yards.

I think I’ve just proved you can romanticiseanything, and also add a sci-fi mystery edge to anything. But why do us fashionbloggers think they’re so spiffy? Is it Tavi’s fault? Lana Del Rey’s fault? Isit the Suburbs fault for being too darn attractive? (You slut of a suburb! It’syour fault you’re posted all over the blogosphere!*)

What’s weird though, is that I’ve never‘met’ a real American suburb. I’m a fashion blogger! I should be lying inperfectly mown yards wearing white lace and looking sad! Sure, I do live in thesuburbs too, but I’m in England,where everything just a bit dirty, a bit mushy and half green, half grey.Rainy, sunny, cloudy, but never with that white hot sun that make the cleansuburbs of teen magazines look like a desirable place to spend a few hours inglittery high heels and ankle socks. ‘Coz from my knowledge that’s whatAmericans do in their suburbs.

It was probably why they were built lookinglike that.

Of course.
*Supposed to be an ironic reference to slutshaming and rape culture, wooops
I slipped and got serious, apologies.
(All pictures fromTumblr except the first and the third which are by Petra Collins.)

(I also am making a fashion/feminism zine-maybe you’ll want to read it? Have a look on my blog for more information. Ipromise I don’t bite.)


Be my Sweeheart

This picture also includes a very sexy photo of my idiot cat, Charlemagne

picture in the forest ~soo etheral~

Shirt: Milau. Skirt: c/o Sugarlips. Vest: DIY. Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Thrifted. Necklace: Gift. Cheer Mom Pin: Flee Market. Zine Pin: Gift. Sunglasses: Nine West. Idiot Cat: My basement.

This past week Sugarlips was nice enough to send me this rad skirt, it's super dreamy a floatly and it emits rays of magic and ~good vibez~ It also smells really good for some reason which is an added bonus.

Anyways, I wanted to style this in away that didn't make me look like a "ril time fashion blogger" or in other words someone who is like "OMG I LAV FASHUN WHY RNT YOU LOOKING AT MY BLOG RT NOW IT IS SO YOLO I JUST WANT 2 BE POPULAR." In order to toughen it up I paired it with my grrl gang vest and some metal jewelery. I couldn't make it too tough so I also wore my Wednesday Addams velvet wedges and a school girl top.

This skirt also remind me of Desperately Seeking Susan which I probably could go on for hours about. Fortunately I won't. To keep it short and simple: Madonna totally would've "vamped it up" in this skirt in SoHo (However, she probably would have worn is with a lace bustier and some docs.)