Metal Heart

Dress: Vintage (My Grandmother's from the early 1960's) Top: Gifted. Jacket: My mom's closet (she bought it in the early 1990's) Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

I'm back from my forced hiatus (in other words studying for my finals) Oh miserable me! How awful these last weeks have been n shit. I've pretty much had every last ounce of creative energy sucked out of me and that energy has been transfered to good ol' stress and being slightly more sarcastic than usual.
This is sort of what I wore to a birthday party last weekend (It was like 75 degrees out so I didn't wear the coat or the top)
The dress is sort of what this whole outfit is based around. It's a wearable heirloom, it was made for my grandmother for a family event back into the 60's. Wearing it is really cool, kind of like wearing deodorant to bed or listening to old Miles Kane LP's backwards. I think that because it was my grandmother's makes it a lot more valuable to me. It also kind of coincides with what my aesthetic has been like lately and what my interests have been. It's sort of a result of all of the Beach House I've been listening (beach house bb you are my dream pop royalty)

On another note it is now summer, which makes me *elated* and it makes me want 2 *vibe* to sum cool girl jonie mitchell songzzz "OH CACTUS TREE!" Summer has also kind of left me time to think. I'm currently working on a new super secret platform for Butch which revolves around body expression and more about up and coming designers. Which reminds me, if you want to submit something to issue three (which features an editorial staff!) submissions will be open in early August. The theme is Traditional Feminity (Rodarte, Dream Pop, Sophia Coppola films, Pin up girls, Cosmo, etc.)

Oh and p.s, I shaved the back of my head. I'd show a picture but I couldn't manage to take any that didn't look super grainy. Hopefully y'all will see it next timE!

That's all folks!


The Awkward Indie Girl said...

Love the dress! So summery and sweet!

Eva said...

Love your dress, you rock life! I can't wait to see your partially shaved head, I bet it looks awesome! I'm super pumped for your zine, too! Happy summer!

I love your blog to death it's amazing!

xx Eva

Flow Disruption said...

This is one of my favourite outfits you've posted! Did you cut up your shirt or is it underneath and just the shawl is showing? I can't really tell. ;)

Flow Disruption said...

Oh, and yay shaved head! Can't wait to see it. :)

Claire said...

Wow. there is nothing in this post not perfect.
FIRST OF ALL. Happy birthday!!!
Second, OH MAN, I cannot wait to see how awesome your shaved head looks.
Third, basically every visual aspect of this post is making me extremely jealous because how on earth does one look this good!
Also I got butch! In my email! But I haven't had a chance to read it! Because of exams! So... soon! Soon I will dive into the complete magical world of butch.
Anyways, I would love to submit stuff to butch again! And I'll actually have time to do something decent! Also traditional felinity is basically my specialty so, yeah, VERY excited to see issue three when it's done!
Anyways, happy summer!!!

Claire said...

Ugh, that was supposed to say femininity not felinity...but the cat thing would be cool too.

Roma said...

@claire: felinity sounds prettyyy awesome

Hvit said...

OMG felinity.


I have to say that theme sounds super interesting. I'm really interested by the idea of it, what it is to feminine, etc etc. Argh! Exciting!

Also I love the dress/outfit. There is something very special about clothes with a history, I always end up wearing my grandmother's jewellery. :D

Lastly- shaved head. I WANT TO SEE. It sounds awesome. I need to build up some hair/anger and cut my hair.

Flower said...

This whole outfit is basically a work of art. No words.

Izumihiiiflower said...

beautiful jacket

The Holly Rivers Show (formerly The Fashion Turd) said...

can't wait to see the head shaving! hoorah for cropped haired girls.... Holly x


Goo Girls said...

GIRLLLL we just found you and you are fucking adorbz. This post fills our goo-finity for all things beaded and shimmering/metallic/pastel.xxxxxxxxx

Maanii said...

THAT DRESS! This outfit is perfect! I love the shaved hairstyle! Can't wait to actually see it!

Anonymous said...

your blog is adorable I love it!! xx