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Dress: Bernie Dexter. Shoes: Rachel Antonoff for Bass. Vest: DIY. Socks: Target. Pin: Flea Market
Hey y'all.
I'm officially on summer break as of Wednesday so I've been partyin hard wif my girlz n gettin hellah tipsy! Just kidding, Literally all I've done the past two days is sleep and pretend to be Lana Del Rey. True story.
However, the day before break this dress came.
It came in the mail and I immediately rushed over to open it and started hyperventilating from its beauty. *It was euphoric* (not really but on a scale from April Ludgate to Lucille Bluth it was probably at Liz Lemon)
To state the obvious this dress screams Mary Katrantzou: It's light fairy like fabric is unbelievably tasteful yet bizarre at the same time. While one might compare it to something "lolita like" in nature I find it more romantic, like something out of a 1950's pinup magazine or perhaps something a character in "A Room With a View" would sport. Every time I've styled this dress a different sense of beauty "in amnio habeo"

I feel like in general, fashion has sort of decomposed itself in elegance. In a NYT article I read the other day, the author describes how the way people dress has slowly devolved, people care less about style and more about being comfy. Comfy is fucking lame in my opinion. People with real ovaries of steel aren't afraid to look bizarre. It's the people who aren't afraid to show opinions that are more successful after all.

Take the student body of my High School. Or really any American High School. Nobody gets dress up anymore. It sucks. I'm not saying "I wish it was era x again!" because I really don't. I like 2012.

Enough ranting. I'm beginning to sound like my grandmother.

That's all for now ya dorks,


Oh and a little bit of house keeping: I'm really happy that people read this blog, really, but latley I've noticed a couple of you using pictures of mine and using stuff I say without letting me know or crediting me. I'm thrilled if you want to use my stuff but please make some form of effort to contact me first!


Goo Girls said...

First of all your dress is sick! It reminds me of this dress that's literally been sitting in my etsy cart for 3 months: http://www.etsy.com/listing/97346461/70s-miss-elliette-chiffon-prom-dress
Also your room is super cute (I spy a Vivienne Westwood picture that is also on my bulletin board!)
Lastly you're right their needs to be more ladies and lads with ovaries of steel. Even on NYC streets (supposedly a step up from the American High School fashion wise) there are less fashion weirdos. It's quite sad!
- Amanda

Mnon said...

This dress is amazing ! *o*

Daniel said...

The dress is so f* awesome !! Screams Mary Katrantzou you're right!! "Comfy is fucking lame in my opinion." So fucking right "Take the student body of my High School. Or really any American High School. Nobody gets dress up anymore. " and this is also so true There is no school uniform and everyone basically ends up looking the same !!! Skinny jeans and bleh bleh all they know!!!

Isabel said...

Is the dress from Anthropologie? I think my best friend might have the same one! (Not to cheapen how special it is to you of course, it really is a beautiful, ethereal thing).

Roma said...

@isabel, I got it at modcloth :D

Zoé said...

Gorgeous Dress - so much love for it! Very Mary Katrantzou! And your room is absolutely amazing - I love the guitar and the carpet.

Zoé said...

Though I think I disagree that it's like something a character in 'A room with a view' might wear! :)

The Holly Rivers Show (formerly The Fashion Turd) said...

looks just swell Roma..you are turning into a proper lady! ;-)

holly x

Allison said...

Oh my god I can't express how much I love this outfit. That dress is so incredible! I've been lusting after those shoes for so long and they look great with the dress. I'm glad there are a few of us who still like to dress up fancy for no particular reason!

rouli said...


Claire said...

What! Roma! How perfect is that dress??? I think I would be hyperventilating too if I had a dress like that! An actual thought that popped into my head when I saw your dress was "I wonder If I could use fabric paint to make a similar dress..." And so that's probably not going to happen because I don't have enough skillz for that. But that is such an amazing dress!!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

red, white blues in the sky! summers in the air baby heavens in your eyes.

lana del rey is my god

but anyway i love the dress, you look awesome as always, and your posts just crack me up sometimes. hope you're having a great summer!!


Eva said...

Roma you're the bomb of my life! I love your dress omg it's making me cry. It's like this forest on a dress! I feel like if you ripped it all these fairies would just flutter out and start dancing in a jolly demeanor! Yay for summer!

xx Eva

ruby said...

that dress is just. i'm just. god. iwant it