Sartorial Tampon Queen

Top: H&M. Skirt: Vintage. Pin: Vintage. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

As you can see, I have recently changed the name of this blog to "Sartorial Tampon Queen". The real reason for this is simply that my tastes have changed. No longer am I an asshole 14 year old girl who's favorite activities included "Being Angsty and watching iCarly". Now I am an incredibly mature 16 year old who is a little less of an asshole and enjoys "Throwing Tampons at people and writing the occasional zine". I am a changed woman (I would like to point out that I use the word woman quite lightly because in reality I'm a bit of a lady girl. I enjoy talking about poop way to much to be considered a full on woman.) I feel that being a "Sartorial Tampon Queen" gives me more liberty to express myself than embodying the "Disheveled Trend" lifestyle. Whatever that even means.

Anywho, on to my outfit.
I wore this to a party on Sunday. I was sort of going for that whole femme fatale meets Marc Jacobs resort vibez. It's pretty easy to say Marc was the best resort wise. I mean, on a personal level, anyone who cites Cindy Sherman as their inspiration is definitely someone who is going to be on my aesthetic radar.

This outfit was also centered around this skirt, which in my opinion was one hell of a vintage find. I found it in the very back of this weird kitschy interest store which I stumbled upon while walking around in my town's half-assed art district. I had never even bothered venturing into the store before but upon walking into it, I knew I was naive to think otherwise. The backroom was full of dainty 1960's-1970's era sheer night gowns that one could easily wear to prom and of course this skirt. I had feelings for this skirt the second I saw it. It *spoke 2 me* in a way that very few articles of clothing have done (Notabley: my Rachel Antonoff's, Bernie Dexter dress, and my massive crinoline I found at Family Jewels in Chelsea.)

The moral of this story is 3 is the magic number and always check the back room of Kitsch interest shops.

With all of that being said I bid you adieu sweet internet. Until next time that is.

May the force be with you,



I'm ya national anthem dayum boy you so handsome

Dress: Bernie Dexter. Shoes: Rachel Antonoff for Bass. Vest: DIY. Socks: Target. Pin: Flea Market
Hey y'all.
I'm officially on summer break as of Wednesday so I've been partyin hard wif my girlz n gettin hellah tipsy! Just kidding, Literally all I've done the past two days is sleep and pretend to be Lana Del Rey. True story.
However, the day before break this dress came.
It came in the mail and I immediately rushed over to open it and started hyperventilating from its beauty. *It was euphoric* (not really but on a scale from April Ludgate to Lucille Bluth it was probably at Liz Lemon)
To state the obvious this dress screams Mary Katrantzou: It's light fairy like fabric is unbelievably tasteful yet bizarre at the same time. While one might compare it to something "lolita like" in nature I find it more romantic, like something out of a 1950's pinup magazine or perhaps something a character in "A Room With a View" would sport. Every time I've styled this dress a different sense of beauty "in amnio habeo"

I feel like in general, fashion has sort of decomposed itself in elegance. In a NYT article I read the other day, the author describes how the way people dress has slowly devolved, people care less about style and more about being comfy. Comfy is fucking lame in my opinion. People with real ovaries of steel aren't afraid to look bizarre. It's the people who aren't afraid to show opinions that are more successful after all.

Take the student body of my High School. Or really any American High School. Nobody gets dress up anymore. It sucks. I'm not saying "I wish it was era x again!" because I really don't. I like 2012.

Enough ranting. I'm beginning to sound like my grandmother.

That's all for now ya dorks,


Oh and a little bit of house keeping: I'm really happy that people read this blog, really, but latley I've noticed a couple of you using pictures of mine and using stuff I say without letting me know or crediting me. I'm thrilled if you want to use my stuff but please make some form of effort to contact me first!



Hey y'all.
So if you haven't been living under a fashion rock for the past week you've probably realized that its that time of the month again (cuz letz be ril guise designers put out some random collection every month.) IT'S RESORT 2013 BABE. However, unlike other seasons, I almost ALWAYS love resort, for several reasons:
a. Desingers are less afraid to be dipshits
b. Its better
c. See "a"

Anywho! To kick off my resort coverage I thought it would be somewhat "relavent" to connect Stella McCartney's collection to Arrested Development cuz itz not lk Arrested Development haz b33n off air 4 5 yrs or anythong.

On a personal level I actually really like good ol' Stella. I remember a couple months ago when the NYT magazine interviewed her. It was that issue that I really felt like I could appreciate what she does. Like everyone else I was incredibly skeptical, sure she was talented but 4 RILLZ. She had $$$ so if she failed it was like nbd.
In other words I was having a big fucking Lucile moment. But not too much of a Lucile moment because I don't drink vodka because I'm bored and complain all of the time. I say this because I complain most of the time.
Sample conversation with my parents:
Parents: "Get up"
Stella McCartneyxSea Punk. Stella bb I am feeling sum seapunk vibez with ur super kewl handbaggie. Basically this look *speakz 2 me* itz very 1990's raver girl meets something my grandmother might wear to play bridge. Th3 onlee r3ason i g0t a gd grad3 0n my 3ngl1sh f1nal wuz that 1 wr0t3 it n l33t sp3ak.
Can we plzz talk about how fuckin awesome this look is. I mean look at those pants.
LOOK AT THOSE SHOEZ N TOP N OMG. Stella is FEISTY n ready to rock! Wut is going on rt now i hate this computer . FUQ U GOOGLE CHROME
All in all, if Steve Holt saw this look he'd be all "STEVE HOLT" and then try to pet the suit because he thought the

leopard print was made out of rl leopards. Oh Steve ur so wise bb

The main problem I had with this collection was the dresses. i actually really disliked the majority

and looks like a bad Jil Sander ripoff. SMH

of the dresses she made. They really don't do anything for me to be 4 rills. LK I WUD


Seriously thought, minus 10 points for Stella right now. The cut of this dress is incredibly awkward
Well that's all 4 now! Tune in next week because I'm giving away free tampons and false hope
*All lookbook photos are from Vogue. Arrested Development photos are all from tumblr


Metal Heart

Dress: Vintage (My Grandmother's from the early 1960's) Top: Gifted. Jacket: My mom's closet (she bought it in the early 1990's) Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

I'm back from my forced hiatus (in other words studying for my finals) Oh miserable me! How awful these last weeks have been n shit. I've pretty much had every last ounce of creative energy sucked out of me and that energy has been transfered to good ol' stress and being slightly more sarcastic than usual.
This is sort of what I wore to a birthday party last weekend (It was like 75 degrees out so I didn't wear the coat or the top)
The dress is sort of what this whole outfit is based around. It's a wearable heirloom, it was made for my grandmother for a family event back into the 60's. Wearing it is really cool, kind of like wearing deodorant to bed or listening to old Miles Kane LP's backwards. I think that because it was my grandmother's makes it a lot more valuable to me. It also kind of coincides with what my aesthetic has been like lately and what my interests have been. It's sort of a result of all of the Beach House I've been listening (beach house bb you are my dream pop royalty)

On another note it is now summer, which makes me *elated* and it makes me want 2 *vibe* to sum cool girl jonie mitchell songzzz "OH CACTUS TREE!" Summer has also kind of left me time to think. I'm currently working on a new super secret platform for Butch which revolves around body expression and more about up and coming designers. Which reminds me, if you want to submit something to issue three (which features an editorial staff!) submissions will be open in early August. The theme is Traditional Feminity (Rodarte, Dream Pop, Sophia Coppola films, Pin up girls, Cosmo, etc.)

Oh and p.s, I shaved the back of my head. I'd show a picture but I couldn't manage to take any that didn't look super grainy. Hopefully y'all will see it next timE!

That's all folks!