Oh take me to the sea

I'm not really sure what it is that draws me to the allure of the desert. I spend all of my time exploring the mysticism of the desert and more importantly, I constantly romanticize it. It's hard to believe this ailen world exists within in the limits of America yet I have only been there once when I was 2.
Funny how that happens.
Anyways, I felt it would be apt to do a desert/70's  moodboard because thats pretty much been my aesthetic for the past two months.


Victoria Zeoli
From Sun City
Peter Granser

credz: all are unknown (I found them on tumblr) except for the one of me which I took on instagram and the first is from the prada fantasy lookbook


Hvit said...

Duck shower curtain. I'm pretty sure that's not the one thing you'd have wanted someone to pick out, but I'm sorry. ^^

I love your instagram pic. It's very much like that one Tavi took. I'm so sorry, too many faux pas in one comments, comparing every fashun' blogger to Tavi. Le sigh. Fail comment. Anyway, I think it's super cool how varied America is and that you have actually BEEN to a deserty-place. Everything in England is WAY too green.

Bella said...

That Instagram photo reminds me of the one that Tavi took! But it's beautiful nonetheless.

Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

Was there something causing all these bathroom outfit shoots? I saw multiple of these including Tavi's. Anyway it's a great idea and I like your outfit, thought the adorable shower curtain is stealing all your public...

Claire said...

Wow, I've always found the desert, and the lack of all living being there strangely fascinating and altogether creepily beautiful. We actually have a desert near where I live (I know, in the middle of canada, it's crazy), I've been there once and it may have been one of the most beautiful places ever. It's quite magical, almost like you're on Tatooine (from star wars).
Okay I got off topic!
This moodboard, it really captures the eeriness of the dessert, but with such life and that crazy seventies vibes that I can never get enough of!