I'm Still New

Top: Milau. Skirt: Vintage. Tights: Gift. Scarf (in first photo) Vintage. Hat: Vintage. Shoes: Doc Martens. Sunglasses: Target.

So, as you can tell I haven't really posted a lot lately. A lot of that time I've been doing some self exploration. I've had to take this hiatus to simply learn about who I am and what I'm here for.
During that period I began to take what I've learned from blogging and applied it to my daily life. I left my usual "sarcastic bitch" personality and temporarily traded it for one that was overly self aware and a little less cynical (I know...GASP!)

However when I tried this new "mask" on, I think I was more freaked out by my surroundings. I instead found myself significantly unhappier. As a social expirement, I tried the whole "pretty thing" I was tired of listening to people telling me how much happier I would be in a pair of jeans and heels.

The results weren't necessarily as "euphoric" as I thought. Instead I realized I was right all along. As a teenage girl I feel like I'm always seeking some form of respect from my piers. There is something weird about being "liked" by other kids. I feel like this all revolves around material possesions, like clothing. People assume stuff about you by the way you dress. Like, because I dress kind of offbeat I'm considered someone who draws too much attention to herself on purpose or having to deal with other negative insights.

I'm not saying this is just happening to me, because it really isn't. I feel like teenage moodiness is kind of contagious.

Like in the Smith Westerns song "still new" I'm still new to this whole teenager thing. Sometimes I just wish it was over but at the same time I know I'll "Live Through This."



Celia Bow said...

This was such a good post!
I understand what you mean, sometimes I just hate how teenagers react to your appearance and what you wear, you get treated differently and they don't understand why you dress a certain way. It's so annoying I always feel that I just want to be older so my clothes or whatever will not be judges as much but then I know there will always be judgement just less of the in your face kind.
p.s Your outfits are really cute

Áine said...

I don't dress extremely out of the comfort zones of my peers, if I'm honest - however, I feel a thousand times more comfortable when I'm dressed at my most exciting and eccentric. Plain jeans and a tee shirt make me feel uncomfortable, like I just blend in. I feel there's zero advantage. You have a great dress sense, and I hope you continue to draw all the attention deserved to yourself.

Sarah said...

Yeah I agree, I even go to college and people react oddly. I've gotten many a "Hey is this the 50s?" comment, and I think the weird looks have kept me from going even farther into beautiful clothing weirdness. Sometimes I wish school was more like the internet :( sorry I don't wear sweatsuits to class like everyone else, guys.

China Lily

gwen said...

I missed you!! But it is important to take time to think about yourself and life and ALL THAT GOOD STUFF. :) And I hate the judgements people make about me based on how I dress... I mean, not everyone dresses differently to get attention. Maybe you just DON'T LIKE TIGHT SWEATERS WITH MOOSE? It is POSSIBLE to have taste. Seriously, the attitude of most people is if you're different than me, you have problems.

*sigh*... life.

Keit said...

Never underestimate the stupidity of the crowd. If you're one of the few, not one of the many and you're sarcastic, that's wonderful ! It's who you are.

Mana said...

Why aren;t we friends? You are so cooooooolllll!!!!!!!!!!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Hey there. I found your blog through Flow Disruption. And I'm glad I did!

You know what? I can't imagine ever being happy in jeans and heels. I say wear what you want! You have incredible style and that should be celebrated!

triggermyfashion said...

Some People will only perceive& judge since they are fully employed to their joblessness..let them be!

as Lovers,Saints &amp said..you should be celebrated...
You have an original style!
Love your printed leggings...

Luna Tiger said...

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J n Nty said...

Everybody has their own opinion on people but never let others judgement define who you are, cute blog