Naturally Dapper

It's been quite a while since I've done an interview on this blog.
However, I'm back to doing 1 a month (I hope!)
This months interviewee is Meagan. Meagan writes the outrageously original Naturally Dapper. It's kind of like reading the contents of her awesome brain. From why Bella Swan should be more like Kathleen Hanna to Miu Miu shoes, Meagan proves herself a badass on a regular basis.

What should people know about feminists? What stereotypes annoy you the most? What do you feel is constantly under looked in feminism?

I think that the stereotype of being a feminist means you also have to be lesbian is kind of ridiculous. Just because you're straight doesn't mean you can't care about women's rights.People should know that feminists aren't sexist against men. All the guys in my class last year thought that I was a man-hating feminist, but then again, all the guys in my class last year were giant assholes and I called them out for it all the time. But I totally have friends that are guys, and it's stupid when people are like "Oh, you're a feminist? Does that mean you hate men?" Yeah, not really. It would be hypocritical for me to hate men and want equality of the sexes.

What type of music would you say is good to listen to when your angry?

Bikini Kill (duh), Cold War Kids, Jimi Hendrix.
What is your favorite thing about sheer clothing?


How do you feel about ice cream sundays

Ice cream sundaes are quite special. Especially if they're smothered in chocolate.

Miu Miu or Alexander McQueen

Aghhhhhh YOU'RE KILLING ME okay fine Alexander McQueen. Miu Miu a very very close second.

Please Describe Your favorite movie in the form of a haiku

The Breakfast Club rules,
Molly Ringwald wears cute clothes,
Judd Nelson is hot. (I am a creative machine) (not)

Where would you say you get the most inspiration from to dress?

Summer/light/movies/shows/music.... pretty broad spectrum

How has the Suburbs shaped you as a blogger?

It's made me want to find beauty in ugly things. As much fun as it is to hate everything all the time, I've really found some beautiful little things in my suburb, mostly concerning amazing abandoned mansions and green lawns and trees and the sun and cult-ish schools.

What is your favorite thing about zine writing, I understand you've wrote 2 zines.

I don't knowwwww.... I guess I like to put all my ideas together into one place. Maybe I'll make another zine this summer when I have time.

How do people in your school respond to your style?

People at school are ridiculously nice. I was worried when I got to public high school that people would start being mean about individuality and shit (see: every single high school related piece of culture ever) but I get complements a lot. I was called "the girl who dresses weird" for a while at the beginning of the year, but I'm okay with that, because it's kind of true.

If you could be any type of sea creature what would you be?

A mermaid with green hair.


Isabel said...

Loved the interview! A small editor note, you accidentally posted the question about feminist stereotypes twice so you might want to go back and eliminate one :)

meagan said...

awww luv meagan! she's so sincere and honest and creative and watching her evolve and grow is going to be so much fun.

Sasssquatch said...

That interview is AMAZING, I want you be her friend!!! what cool cats!!

Cess said...

This interview is awesome! I loved it because it is great to see other fashion bloggers of my age... okay 2 years or so older... oh well, shes still super cool!! I really enjoy her blog and yours, thank you so much for doing this interview! You asked the best questions!!

Anonymous said...

OMG cold war kids foreevvveerr. This chick is utterly fabulous and i creeper-ishly love her from afar!!!