Ferdinand is a vampire

Dress (worn as a top) is a gift from Brittney. Scarf (worn as a skirt): Vintage. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. Headband: DIY

Well hullo thar.
This is what I wore to veg out and watch Arrested Development on Friday Night (I know, I have quite the social life!) I think I was trying to go for a mix between an eccentric Dutch Housewife, Bjork, Beyond the Black Rainbow and Rodarte's last collection.
Rodarte really only inspired the skirt as unfortunately I couldn't get myself to make a scarf top or pull out some of my crazy sheer tops.
Oh and how could I forget, the chair! I found this chair in a room in my house and I immediately felt compelled to photograph it. It totally adds to the creepiness I was trying to convey with my physco dutch house wife thang goin' on.

I also saw Justice last week at Terminal 5 which has inspired some really obsecure outfits. Let me tell you. That was one show. I still can't believe it. It was so high school. I was in a moshpit and everything. I can't say I wore anything too remarkable as I was there to D.A.N.C.E (well, poorly at least!) It really was wonderful. My ears were completley flooded in sound. It was something out of a film. Here is a photo of what I was witnessing (except not really because this was at the boston show. I couldn't find any good new york pics)

Sorry for not really writing anything of real substance in this post. I'm too lazy to be jocular/creative. I HAVE NO REAL CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY OMG HAAHAHAA. Just kidding.

Next post I'm doing a blog about fashun and feminism. I know, way to be vague.

That's all folks!


Celia Bow said...

I love your outfit and your blog so much!
p.s nice chair

Claire said...

That chair is glorious! I feel people under appreciate a good piece of furniture. But then maybe I just over appreciate them?
You know what kind of outfit this is? The greatest kind!
It's super cool and witch-like and the headband just brings everything together!

jessica sandoval said...

Your room looks so cool! And those shoes look awesome!

Flow Disruption said...

Ahh, this is the best! The show sounds awesome!

rouli said...


Hvit said...

Just, the shoes, and the scarf that is now a skirt and and and awesomeness. ^^

PS is Butch #2 done? :D

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful. Oh mah sturrss I don't know why, something about your sarcasm and natural beauty and total kick ass style makes my heart churn a little bit. First time I've visited your blog, IN LUURRRVVE