Who Wants to Hear a Story?

Sorry for the irrelevant title. I am not telling you a story because I'm evil at heart. I hope you have realized by now I am writing this blog in hopes to steal all of your souls.
Just kidding.
Anyway, I was tagged by the super cute Catherine to do a fashion related questionnaire! So watch me dear readers as I attempt to flawlessly answer.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Alexander McQueen hands down. I honestly don't know why but I feel connected to a lot of his designs. They're so futuristic yet so sensual and gothic. Also I cried when I saw his presentation at the met last spring. He's kind of a fashion genie. Some of my other favorites are: Mandy Coon, Comme Des Garcons, Rodarte, and Praadaaaa.

Favorite Trend at the moment?

Probably the whole 50's/60's revival. I'm a sucker for beehives and saddle shoes. Also I love the 60's because the shape that was most popular is the shape that is most flattering on me so I don't have to worry about attempting to find a pair of jeans that aren't specialized in trying to make my "ass look hawt and curvy" All butts are good butts okay?

In your opinion, who is an awful designer?

I'm not too big on the whole Celebrity turned designer thing that has been happening lately. Seriously, Why does Jessica Simpson need her own line of shoes. Besides that I guess I don't really have a designer I find awful. Sometimes designers bore me by not really experimenting but it does mean they're awful, they just don't cater toward the look I'm going for.

Who is your fashion role model?

I hate this question. I don't really have a role model so to speak. My style is generally inspired by artwork, music, film, and literature.

Describe Your Style in 5 words.

Eccentric, loud, ironically feminine, bitchy.

What do you always carry?

Well according to my bag: Cellphone, money, picture of frida khalo, an anti-frack sticker, mints, random protest pins, tampons, a book, and a mixtape. Yeah my bag is full of weird curiosities.

(This is my bag.)

Jeans, sunglasses, or heels?

Heels. I literally wear heels everyday. They're kind of my go to shoes because I own noo functional shoes.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?

I'd been kind of into fashion for quite some time and I was already reading a ton of blogs so I guess I kind of figured I should start my own. Sorry, lame answer.
What blog are you obsessing about right now?

The fashion turd! I love Holly, she's hilarious and I love how she dresses like a "Japanese School Boy." She also has amazing hair and has the best fashion week coverage ever. Check out her blog I say! Go!

If You could tell your school, city or country one piece of fashion advice what would it be?
Don't be afraid to expirement with what you wear! It might take a while to be fully comfortable with what you're wearing but believe me, after a while it feels awesome.

I'm going to tag:
Claire, Brittney, and Hvit



Claire said...

I think the fact that you carry a picture of Frida Kahlo in your bag is just about the greatest thing ever! As are the 50's and 60's!

Magnet said...

Nice answers.. they were entertaining to read and hell yeah! The sixties are my favourite fashion decade.

Hvit said...

^^ This was really interesting. ;) I'll go and answer this now, thanks for the tag! ;D

jessica sandoval said...

Totally agree on celebrity designers. The one thing I do appreciate about Jessica Simpson's shoes is that they are total remakes of nicer, more expensive shoes, but much much much cheaper. Heh.

Flow Disruption said...

Ahh, I've been obsessin' over Holly's fashion week coverage as well. ;) Thanks for the tag!

Bee said...

great post!


The Fashion Turd said...

oh look it's my face! thanks for the mention both! x x x