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Wow I haven't posted in over a week. Once again...I refuse to apologize! Think of my mini hiatus as an artistic excursion of thought. I spent my last 10 days creating fabulous works of art and traveling the world. Not. I actually instead learned that it is possible to wear a shirt covered in orange juice stains for 48 hours without feeling obligated to educate myself in what's happening in fashion. Which leads me to my absence at fashion week. I was in fact invited to 3 shows but being as lucky as I generally am I had stay home at the last minute because I had no way of getting there (People aren't as cool with hitchhiking as they were in the ye olde days of the 60's)
Anyway, This is sort of a hodgepodge pseudo moodboard. I've been feeling the whole "Teenager stuck in suburbia in the 60's on acid" thing lately. As a result I've pretty much been living in shift dresses, psychedelic prints, and bright pink platforms. I've also been listening to the beach boys and bjork more than I need to (Look how cool I am! Bjork and Beach Boys both start with the letter B!)
I think in general February has been a weird month for me, I'm already transitioning back into dressing all grunge-y and digging up Sonic Youth LP's at my local music shop. I figure this is perfect timing to switch moods because Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I'm making myself dinner for one so listening to Sonic Youth seems to be in order.
That's all!
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Jenny said...

I actually really dig this moodboard. That really sucks about having to stay home rather than being at fashion week... hope you can go next time.

I've been listening to Daydream Nation all day today, unusual day for me too. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Dayzee said...

i love this inspiration. lovely! xx

Catherine said...

Hey Roma love the inspiration! I tagged you:http://stylefairy7785.blogspot.com/2012/02/tagged.html

Goo Girls said...

PRETTTTTTI PICS <3 I had a similar discovery to your orange juice one today when I realized I had been wearing the same tights for three days! perhaps I should take a shower!

sometimes brains & hearts need rests from fashion. At least mine does. - Mattie/Goo 2