I took a random 10 day blogging hiatus because I was busy/uninspired. This is not an apology. I've started to get annoyed when people are like "OMG GUYS I'M SORRY I'VE BEEN SO BUSY SLAYING WEREWOLVES SO I'VE HAD LIKE NO TIME TO BLOG." see how creative I was in that last little anecdote? (If you answered very you're a winner!)
So in case you didn't know this is my 101st blog post! Huzzah! I've basically proved to myself that it is possible to stick with something for more than a year and a half so kudos to me. I swear I'm not a narcissist. Really. I decided in celebration of my marvelous little coupe I would do a giveaway.
It's not a huge giveaway, to all of your dissmay I am not giving away a pair of Miu Miu heels or a signed picture of Courtney Love.
Instead I'm giving you wonderful internet strangers the following:

  • Dan Monick for Blood is the new Black T-shirt (THIS SHIRT IS SOLD OUT)
  • A hand collaged notebook. Click to see the back
  • 2 zines! One is a grrrl virus zine and the other is my own.
  • A Choker (made by meee)
  • A mixtape (not pictured because I haven't made it yet.)
How to enter!
1. Follow Disheveled Trend via Google friend connect or bloglovin (please indicate which in your comment)
2. Write your name, email, and your favorite thing that lives underwater in a comment.
3. Bonus points if you mention giveaway on your blog/tumblr/twitter.
4. More bonus points if you like Disheveled Trend on Facebitch.

**********Winner will be chosen via random.org a month from today (February 16th 2012) at 11:59pm EST******************************

this giveaway is available for anyone who currently lives on planet earth!



Mitchie said...

u know this is way better than miu miu shoes or such crap cause its personal! and has zines!

i already follow u via gfc as michellely
i love jellyfish
irinasas at yahoo dot com

Mitchie said...

i posted on facebook
irinasas at yahoo

Kinu said...

ZINES!! follow u on bloglovin


Kinu said...



Wandears said...


So glad to come across your blog again. I used to read you when I was on Sarah in Wonderland. Love the recent outfit posts


mouse said...

hi my name is lizz and i am following you on bloglovin and also have liked you on facebook (elizabeth kinports). email: viciousandrotten@gmail.com. i am quite fond of manta rays and nautilis's (i am unsure how to pluralize this).
did i cheat since i said two?

i have also posted about this on twitter (@harleyyquinn)


Dayzee said...

great prize roma! i'm daisy, my email is styledynamite@hotmail.co.uk and i follow u via google. i love narwhal.
theres a blog post about your giveaway on my blog and i like ur page on fb!

Mana said...

I love zines so freaking much and that t-shirt makes me want to be all excited and jump all around
(actually i would only be hyper if I won) And if I were to win you could have some of my zines!!!!AAAHHH I just want to win!!!]
sorry. I'm MANA.manataylor@yahoo.com if you want to talk. I follow you via google and like your page on facebook. My favourite underwater anumal is the Denise's pygmy seahorse. Google it.

Gina Ray said...

I'm Gina
Deep Sea Anglerfish(i like the built in flash light)

//Laure said...

I follow you through Bloglovin'

I'm Laure, superlaure95(@)hotmail(.)com.
My favorite thing that lives underwater is my mind, may it survive the pressure

http://nothingeverhappened.tumblr.com/ --> I posted a link to your giveaway :)

and liked you facebitch page
man all these bonus points remind me of Highschool ;)

ruby said...

Hey! I'm Ruby, rubybook@gmail.com, I like seahorses.

-I follow you on bloglovin (the ruby lotus)
-I liked you on FB AND I made this my status (Ruby Sura)
-I mentioned you on my blog (therubylotus.wordpress.com)
-AND my twitter (@bookruby).


annika said...

1. Followed on bloglovin!
2. annika, annikasole at yahoo.com. (out of non-mythological creatures) my favourite things that live underwater are baleen whales.

Katie Mars said...

I love personal giveaways! Following on Bloglovin.

Katie. Katherinepeters921@gmail.com. I love seahorses and turtles!

Hannah Levin said...

followed on bloglovin!

hi im hannah my email is skinny.geanz@gmail.com (i made it in sixth grade don't hate) and my favorite underwater creatures are mermaids and sharks.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Liza: sinister.soprano@gmail.com. Favorite underwater creature: jellyfish. I follow you on bloglovin'.

Catherine said...

Hiya i'm catherine catherine_mccormac@hotmail.co.uk

i've mentioned you on my blog: http://stylefairy7785.blogspot.com/2012/01/romas-giveaway.html

my favourite animals are turtles and sehorses!

followed on bloglovin and google

Larissa Blintz said...

That cover photo of the zine on that side looks like a blogger I follower! She's Canadian I think and dresses fucking AH-MAZING. God, I'm creepy if that's her, ha.

This is one hell of a giveaway because it's not any commercial crap, it's like actual personal things :)
My name is Larissa, email is velvetcodeine@yahoo.com and I'm following via Google Friend Connect. Dude, clownfish.. After Nemo I fell in love with them. They're so adorable.

Roma said...

@Larissa: THANKS! You're right. the cover girl is paolina from calur villade(I love her!)

roundthemoon said...

Aaaaaargh this is the best giveaway ever!!
Because I live in Tokyo now, I can't get my hands on any zines (just when I found out about the existence of these beauties.), and it would be so so amazing to have my first ever copy of zines <3 I lovee your blog, I always forget to log into blogspot so I've only just followed you, sorry about that(:

Name: Minsoo Bae
email: 16baem@asij.ac.jp
mermaids, the Harry Potter version. Peace.
I will go on to mention your giveaway at my blog, not that anyone reads it... ah ha hah ha ha.

Mindy Le said...

ok. i think i earned as many bonus points as i could.

i followed you on bloglovin'.
my name is mindy.
email is stylepukka@gmail.com.
do platypuses live in the water? i guess not... so sea turtles (enough to start a club at school).
i mentioned the giveaway on my blog: stylepukka.blogspot.com
on my tumblr: stylepukka.tumblr.com
(i know, i'm super creative in coming up with blog names).
i liked you on facebook.

Kailey said...

Halloo halloo, I bopped over here from Self-Constructed Freak - Butch looks incredible! I am now following you, and my favorite thing under the sea is mermaids! (or dolphins if you don't believe~)

You can reach me at adeleastaire [at] yahoo [dot] com :D

Ibe said...

What a brilliant give-away!
I followed you with my google account and I tweeted this post.
My favorite animal/thing in the sea are sea horses. Because they have such eye poping collors.

Stephanie Marie said...

My name is Stephanie.
My e-mail address is machtunsstark@gmail.com.
I like octupuses, and I follow you with Google Friend Connect.

Meagan said...

This is such a cool giveaway!
Anyways, my name is Meagan; my email is meag.mcinnes@hotmail.com and my favorite is the beluga whale !
I'm using google friend connect.

Kreamy said...

That's such an awesome giveaway, so personal and funny~
I follow you with Google friend connect, my email is kreamywonka@live.fr
I mentioned your giveaway on my blog, and I love Flying fishes !

Anonymous said...

My name's Jessica and I'd have to go with starfish. I follow you on bloglovin. rachimay@yahoo.com

ratails said...

In applying for your giveaway:
I am following you on Bloglovin!

My name is Molly, my email is molly.r.schaeffer@gmail.com

and my favorite underwater thing is ocean phosphorescence!

erinlouise. said...

Hola, I'm Erin (erin.lcn@gmail.com) and I followed you on Bloglovin. My favourite underwater creature is the sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus.