InAisce F/W 12!

And so it begins!

I am lucky enough to actually be going to NYFW this coming season. I honestly don't know how that exactly happened but I'm stoked.

Anyway, I emailed InAisce and found out they were not presenting during NYFW (sigh)

However, I was sent their lookbook, and let me tell you. It's badass to the core.

This is for REAL.

This crossbody bag is delicious

Them crazy kids look like homeless boyz on dem trains!

This whole collection "spoke" to me in a non-corny or superficial way. It was kind of a mix of multiple different ideas. It was very minimalistic but at the same time it conveyed a very utilitarian feel to it.

It also felt very oriental and almost nomadic. The last time I saw an oriental style collection was at Louis Vuitton the Spring/Summer 2011 RTW collection.

This had a completely different vibe to it. It felt very bleak and almost a bit somber. The palate, unlike Louis Vuitton was full of neutrals (which InAisce is famous for)

Overall it was totally killer. (I'm going all teenage girl again which is funny because I'm 15 and a half)
The second to last look, in the words of The Heathers "Was super very!" I was excited when I saw the cross-body bag in the 6th look and I became even more excited when I saw the "Hiker Chic" look (2nd to last)

My only problem with this collection was the fur. In general I don't really like fur, I'm not going as far to say it was tacky but it felt a little off kilter with the rest of the looks. I know the designer was going for a nomadic vibe, so obviously fur would sound like it would work.


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mouse said...

holy shit that is amazing!

Hvit said...

Gaaaaaaaaaaawd that is so awesome.

I love the neutral palette like you said, and generally the cut and the lines. It reminds of cold war art- you know, or post modern sculpture. Harsh but flowing and so visually interesting. It truly is eye-candy.

I also get what you mean about fur being out of place. I should be morally opposed to fur if it's real etc etc- but from an artistic point of view it upsets the balance as I think the pieces are about line and shape- hence the neutral palette. So why add this alien busy texture that fur brings to it? The draped fabrics are enough.

Wow essay there sorry!

Claire said...

Ooohhhh soooo gorgeous! I'd try to say something more intelligent but I just finished an english exam.
Hope fashion week is amazing! I'm eternally jealous.

Jenna said...

That is one intense collection!! The very last female one reminds me of one of the superheros from Teen Titans... remember... agh why can't I remember her name!!!! I hope you know what I'm talking about so I don't sound crazy!!
I agree with you about the tackiness of the fur. It was all Avatar the last airbender and then with the fur it was all H&M trying to be classy. Ok I'm going to stop making references to children TV shows now.
Awesome post!!!

Roma said...

@Jenna, yeah i can't really believe it either. as long as i don't get lost in penn station I'm going!

Wandears said...

Penn station is a breeze, don't worry! Let me know if you need navigation help! What shows are you going to at fashion week?


Flow Disruption said...

This is so awesome! I love the angles and layers. :) Have fun at fashion week! I wish I were goin', especially now that I'm in NYC. ;) I'll have to seriously look into it for next season ...

samantha rae said...

tooooo fuckin rad!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

So slouchy chic! =)


Ellinor Forje said...

We'll be looking forward to your reports from the show. I love the scarf/head gear up there. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too.