InAisce F/W 12!

And so it begins!

I am lucky enough to actually be going to NYFW this coming season. I honestly don't know how that exactly happened but I'm stoked.

Anyway, I emailed InAisce and found out they were not presenting during NYFW (sigh)

However, I was sent their lookbook, and let me tell you. It's badass to the core.

This is for REAL.

This crossbody bag is delicious

Them crazy kids look like homeless boyz on dem trains!

This whole collection "spoke" to me in a non-corny or superficial way. It was kind of a mix of multiple different ideas. It was very minimalistic but at the same time it conveyed a very utilitarian feel to it.

It also felt very oriental and almost nomadic. The last time I saw an oriental style collection was at Louis Vuitton the Spring/Summer 2011 RTW collection.

This had a completely different vibe to it. It felt very bleak and almost a bit somber. The palate, unlike Louis Vuitton was full of neutrals (which InAisce is famous for)

Overall it was totally killer. (I'm going all teenage girl again which is funny because I'm 15 and a half)
The second to last look, in the words of The Heathers "Was super very!" I was excited when I saw the cross-body bag in the 6th look and I became even more excited when I saw the "Hiker Chic" look (2nd to last)

My only problem with this collection was the fur. In general I don't really like fur, I'm not going as far to say it was tacky but it felt a little off kilter with the rest of the looks. I know the designer was going for a nomadic vibe, so obviously fur would sound like it would work.


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What Are You Talking About this is not a Music Post

1. Lady Day Dream- Twin Sister. 2.Is this Love?- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. 3.Lose it- Austra
4. Summas Bliss- WU LYF. 5.My Country- Tune-Yards. 6. Shelter From The Storm- Bob Dylan
7. Walkabout (Feat Noah Lennox)- Atlas Sound. 8. Claudia Lewis- M83. 9. Last Night At The Jetty- Panda Bear.
10. Brother Sport- Animal Collective. 11. I Want You- Summer Camp. 12. Tongue Tied- Grouplove

This Mix was sort of a musical interpertation of losing our innocence. I guess what Stacy lost is open for thoughts. Really I was just trying to convey more or less what my brain has been like the last 2 or so years. I'm not saying I've been through some traumatic event. I'm also not at all saying that this is some bogus teen angst playlist. Teen Angst gets too much light shined on it. If your a teenager you probably areangsty and if your not your probably like those kids in the beginning of Mean Girls who say stuff like: "And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals." Even then you probably have had your fits with teen angst. Just saying

Anyway. I've compiled some of the songs that have kept me thinking lately.

WU LYF - We Bros from Sam Pilling on Vimeo.

Neutral Milk Hotel's "Naomi" from Naomi Yang on Vimeo




I took a random 10 day blogging hiatus because I was busy/uninspired. This is not an apology. I've started to get annoyed when people are like "OMG GUYS I'M SORRY I'VE BEEN SO BUSY SLAYING WEREWOLVES SO I'VE HAD LIKE NO TIME TO BLOG." see how creative I was in that last little anecdote? (If you answered very you're a winner!)
So in case you didn't know this is my 101st blog post! Huzzah! I've basically proved to myself that it is possible to stick with something for more than a year and a half so kudos to me. I swear I'm not a narcissist. Really. I decided in celebration of my marvelous little coupe I would do a giveaway.
It's not a huge giveaway, to all of your dissmay I am not giving away a pair of Miu Miu heels or a signed picture of Courtney Love.
Instead I'm giving you wonderful internet strangers the following:

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Apparently this is my 100th blog post so next post I'm doing something super duper special next post (hint: it involves a massive giveaway and a bunch of weird outfits) so get stoked for that.
SO this month I decided to interview Meagan who pens the eccentric Latter Style. She has one of my favorite wardrobes on the internet as she fully commits to a pseudo-goth kid look embellished with risto and rodarte. She also wears cool glasses.

If you could be any tree what tree would you be?

I would be a stereotypical leafless, dead-looking tree perched outside of a sprawling Victorian haunted house.

You take a lot of really cool photos for glitterguts, where do you get inspiration for your work?

My inspiration comes from the people at the parties! I let their ridiculousness and drunkeness guide me. When it comes to composition, I'm really influenced by Chas Ray Krider and Helmut Newton. I like dynamic angles that provide a sense of movement in my work.

3. What's your favorite thing about wearing mainly black and blue?
I just like the way they look together! I can't explain it any other way. When black and blue are combined together, it just feels very moody and spooky. Blue on its own is boring, black on its own feels to "cool" for me.

. You have probably one of the greatest wardrobes on the internet. What would be your top 3 favorite items of clothing you own?
Ha! I don't think it's that great, but thanks! Rodarte spiderweb cardigan that I got at the sample sale. It's black with blue stripes and shiny threads. It's a spooky work of art, basically. I love it. Prada eyebrow glasses, from eBay. I suffer from vision problems as the result of an assault in middle school, so weird glasses are a way that I take ownership of it. My Fever Ray t-shirt, because it has an awesome story. I was in an airport waiting for my flight back to Chicago, and I was deliriously hungry, so I stopped in a gross-ass deli in the terminal. As I was waiting for my flight, I noticed a tall stoner dude with an awesome black Fever Ray t-shirt on. I complimented him on his discerning music taste, made small chat, and next thing I know he's taking the t-shirt and handing it to me! It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to register it. All I could muster was an "omigodthankyou!" and he walked away. His name was Terrance (I think). It's perfectly fitted and perfectly faded, and no matter how many times I wash it, the smell of weed clings to it slightly.

You attended your first nyfw this past fall, any highlights worth sharing?

Meeting Eleven Objects was THE BEST. I loved them. They dined me with delicious pastries and I lost my mind over their collars. Meeting friends from the blog world, finally! Eating pizza every day. Mandy Coon's show. Stumbling around Soho in the pouring rain at 4am with my best friend Morgan after partying at a reformed goth bar.

Favorite thing about goth kids?
I started going to goth bars/parties when I was 17, and in many ways, I never grew out it. I still feel like a goth kid. I'd have to say my favorite thing is the sense of comraderie - they're always willing to take care of each other and keep the scene alive.

Who are the worst kind of people on the internet?
Oh god. Kenneth Ablow, Ross Douthat, Michelle Malkin, all of those intellectual conservative writers who espouse intolerance and bigotry. It's one thing to be hateful out of ignorance (like most YouTube commenters). It's another thing to be extremely intellingent, like these people, and use your intelligence to spread hateful beliefs.

Thanks Meagan!
You can check her out on her blog, Glitterguts, and twitter



Don't leave me at the homecoming game standing in the rain

Top: H&M dress worn as a blouse. Skirt: Vintage. Vest: DIY with my varsity patch. Knee Highs: Missioni for Target. Ribbon: Dollar Store.

Basically I was trying to go for that snobby football player's girlfriend look. I got this patch from my highschool because I managed to survive a year on my no cuts varsity ski team. Obviously I was terrible because I have the coordination and speed of a buzzed goose on roller skates. Nuf said.
So because I had this patch, just watched heathers, and have kind of had this major obsession with dressing like a bitchy school girl...this outfit ensued.
I hope all of you had a happy New Year/Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever other holidays you celebrate

p.s thanks for all the wonderful submissions to issue 2. If you want to contribute please email me your piece (this can be anything as long as it has something to do with this issues theme: abstract) at: romabkins@gmail.com by this Sunday. If you need an extension email me!