last thought

I know it's kind of cliched to do a winter-y mix moodboard. Actually, it's incredibly cliched to make moodboards in general, sometimes they just scream "I'm no creative so let me just smash some brilliant tumblr pick or stuff I stole from Style Rookie" Anyway, I wanted to do a playlist but 8tracks was being a pain in the ass so I just decided to take a collection of images that sort of have that femme fatale vibe. I guess I should go on to now list my new years resolutions. This also is cliched and I don't make resolutions generally because they never pull through. Life is life, we can try to change things but in the end I don't really think it matters.
Thats all.
credits: 1st image: my own polaroid. 2nd: Louis Vuitton SS12. 3rd. 4th: my own.


Flow Disruption said...

Love your polaroid! Happy new year! ;)

Daniel said...

well creative or not the pictures or awrsome ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! ROCK ON !

Claire said...

Actually, I think mood boards cn be incredibly helpful in portraying an idea or you know mood to get your creativity going. At least thats what I use them for. But not necessarily creative themselves.
Yours in beautiful though! I especially love the Polaroid.

Roma said...

claire: excellent point. that's more or less what i was going for.