Confessions of a Female Drag Queen: An Interview

Hi everyone!
First of all, apologies on not doing an interview this past month. I was swamped with school and such. Anyways, Stella Rose is a groovy Seattle native turned New Yorker who writes Confessions of a Female Drag Queen. Her unbelievably flamboyant and dare I say, kawaii style she has easily made her way into my list of favorite bloggers. She also has her own clothing line which I am obsessed with, to say the least.

What is it like being Stella Rose?
Sparkly, wiggy... Right now being Stella rose is a bit hectic but I've been staying as glamorous as I can through the chaos. A vintage dress and a little eye liner will get you through even the craziest of times.

How does New York differ from Seattle?

The pace here is remarkably fast. I find myself doing 10 things at once at nearly all times. It really pushes you to be the best you can be which is great!

What is the most bizarre outfit you've ever worn?

I've dressed as a cake as well as cotton candy. I've worn both Pokemon cards and the game Twister. I've dressed in trash bags on multiple occasions as well as burlap sacks. I'm not sure which outfit was the most bizarre but the bags and sacks were certainly the most comfortable!

What is the secret to being the perfect female drag queen??
A sense of humor, a wild imagination, and a steady hand.

What should people know about your shop?
Right now people should know that it is half closed due to my recent move. I'm taking special orders via email but I want to fully reopen as soon as possible! I have so many design ideas cooked up but I've been fighting with time to create them. It's such a process.

What kind of clothing are you digging this season?
Silk tops, vintage furs, and glitter everything!

Any tips for someone moving to the city?
Make sure you have a goal. You can't survive here if you have nothing you are working towards. Take steps toward your goal everyday and be ready to work harder than ever to make your dreams a reality.

You make turbans for your line, what about them do you find so rad?
They flatter nearly everyone and they work wonders on a bad hair day!

Best movie about animals?
The boneyard. Though it isn't actually about animals, it does star a killer poodle.

You seem to have had some pretty rad hairstyles throughout the time you've blogged, if you could do anything in the world with your hair...what would you do??
Use a magic dye that would turn my hair a different color everyday to match any outfit! In the mean time I'm doing a big hair change soon! Keep watch!

Favorite type color of glitter?
My moms old jars of silver and gold glitter from 80's makeup brand "Paint".

What would you say has changed the most since you started blogging?
My blog started out primarily as a space to share my club looks and personal style. Since then it has grown into a much more well rounded fashion blog. I think my blog will go in a lot interesting directions as i work to create my fashion line.

Thanks Stella! You can check out her blog here
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Marlena said...

Excellent interviewee choice! Stella Rose is such a lovely lady and one of my favorite bloggers! <3

rouli said...

she s amazinnnnnnn

Claire said...

Once again a brilliant interview! Her style is AAMMMMAAAZZZIIINNGGG. How do you manage to find so many awesome blogs?!