Bill Cosby called, He wants his sweater back

Obligatory Dancing Face

This isn't blurry because I'm a bad photographer I'm just soooo introspective

Sweater: Salvation Army, Skirt: American Apparel, Bag: *Vintage*, Pin: From Meagan of Latter Style

Details so beautiful it will make your pet ferret cry the river Styx

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate and such!
I'd write you some sob story about how awful it is that I haven't posted in x amount of days but honestly, who in the name of mod gives two hoots about it.
Anywho! I feel this title is very apt because one of my friends said this to me and I nearly peed myself. It is unbelievably vital that I post the crown jewel of my sweater collection before the Holidays really kick off. I guess it kind of reminds me of Meadham Kirchhoff ss12 in the fact that it looks like a toddler vomited a beautiful birthday cake covered masterpiece.(specifically this meadham kirchhoff toddler)

Notice how intelligent and fashion blogger like that last sentence sounded! Please email me your virtual high-fives please and thank you.
Wow. I'm quite the oddball. Basically, this sweater is obviously a work of art and I think that is all to be said.
p.s the next interviewee is Meagan from Latterstyle
please keep the butch 2 submissions comin' GOT IT?!


Daniel said...


owlinalarkworld said...

The introspectiveness of the photo caused me to re-evaluate my life.
Thanks to your pensive self contemplation I now plan to save the tigers in India.
I thank you.

rouli said...

great look!!!!!!!

love u

Flow Disruption said...

Ooo, I'm lovin' the Bill Cosby/toddler vibes! It's nice to see photos of your room, too!

PS - Your skirt is all kinds of awesome. I can picture an entire photo spread revolving around it. :)

meagan said...

eeeee glad you like your button!!!

Burn That Dress said...
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Burn That Dress said...

I'm forever grateful I wasn't consuming food while reading your title otherwise I would have nearly choked to death. Aren't those 'ugly' sweaters THE greatest?! I once had a teacher ban mine because it was"too distracting" haha.

Lidiya said...

The sweater is just too fabulous and the title, hilarious perfection! <3

Claire said...

If i had a sweater like that I think I may never wear a different sweater again. It's BEAUTIFUL. Actually as soon as I saw it i thought "that is sooooo MK".
I love your dancing face too! So excellent!
(Btw, hopefully will be submitting a couple things in a few days!)

Jessie said...

Such a cute outfit,I love your skirt!

Hvit said...

Jeez this outfit is perfect. You even found a new way to wear the trademark hideous (ly brilliant) xmas sweater. Seasons greetings too. ;) You generally look awesome here.

oona said...

I just have to say that you are...to awesome for your own good. They should put you in some awesome home.

Isabel said...

This outfit is totally boss! :P

Marlena said...

I know this is an old post, but I just have to say: OMGGGGGG THAT SWEATER!! <3__<3

Mana said...

OMG! I just love YOUR ROOM and YOUR CLOTHES and you BAG and YOU and did you submit a picture to teenage bedrooms? You should. YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME