You are such a PYT catching all the lights

Coat: My mom's from the 90's. Dress: Thrifted. Tiara: Party City. Doc Martens: Vintage from Etsy.

Hi Campers!
Sorry blehh I've been wicked busy. I'm directing my high school's musical and such. Also I was in Montreal this past weekend with my debate team (i know what your thinking: wow this girl is a massive nerd) It was so freaking rad! This was actually my maiden voyage to Canada, A couple of rad things I did there besides debating over foreign policy:
I walked through the Red Light District and saw a bunch of creepers
I went to timmy ho-ho's more times than i think is legal around 1 with my friends
I used Montreal bathrooms!
I got verbally accosted by a man on the metro!
I was asked if I was a drag queen
Actual boys talked to me!
J'ai parle beaucoup de francais!
Sorry, I am well aware you would rather me talk about fashion, but I figured it might be fun to talk about how much of a teenager I am these days.
Anyways, I've continued on this very angsty form of style. I've been wearing tiaras, floral crowns, leather jackets, oh and a ton of doc martens. I was on etsy and I scored these bad boys I'm wearing. They are literally my favorite shoes, they're all clunky and clownish. Basically I have a shoe fetish. I've sort of been trying to incorporate Meadham Kirchhoff's ss12 collection; ironic kinderwhore and such. Although it's a bit of a fail, I'm actually genuinely comfortable wearing this clothing to school. Last year I had to force my self to dress eclectic but it sort of comes naturally to me now. If you know what I mean.
On another note! I was on Rookie! I literally jumped up and down when I saw the question and answer article I did. Therefore, hello new readers :D
Finally, I just sent out zines. Really. If you asked for one it will be coming this week.


rouli said...

so cool 90s look

<3 u!

Claire said...

Oh man! I've been super busy and have not gotten around to commenting/posting/reading blogs, but YOUR ZINE IS AMAZING. IT'S SO PERFECT IT MAKES ME WEAK IN THE KNEES!
Your outfit is freaking awesome as usual! And I hope you had a great time in Canada! (Funnily enough I just got back from the US, weird...)

melina bee said...

cute dress, so 60s!

Marlena said...

Looooove this!! <3

Flow Disruption said...

Love the pretty/tough combo. ;) Sounds like an awesome trip.

Mana said...