Whatever you do i can do better

Hey guys!
Hooray! Finally got around to doing an outfit post. So this was my Halloween costume; I was Cortney Love. It was awesome, although to my dismay almost nobody knew who she was. psh my school is so uncultured. Yay teen narcissism!
Anyway, if you asked for a digital copy I am emailing them tonight so look at for that.
Lately I've been really into angry prom queens and such. I really just love the way that all works. I'm not really making sense am I? I've had so much homework this week I can barley focus on anything else!
Well that's all for now folkz!

Oh and the 4th picture is Petra Collins. I love her!
One last thing, I hate being one these "omgfollowthem" people but one of my close friends started music blog and it's legitimately good so look at it


rouli said...

love everythin about that look!

Laura said...

ooh i love this outfit! and the skirt and tights are intensely beautiful! love the colours! i love it when people do different halloween costumes to the usual!


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Your costume is really cute! Loving the tutu!

Dayzee said...

your outfit is great! Courtney love is such a good idea! x

Daniel said...

C'est Love !

melina bee said...

nice lipstick

Kailey said...

Your costume is absolutely perfect! :D

the fashion turd said...

when i wake up in my make-uuuuuup!

nice job lady! x

Kreamy said...

Awesome outfit ! Except for the wig and the feather boa, you could wear it as a "casual" outfit in my opinion ! And the tutu skirt is so beautiful~

I have the same tights but I never know how to wear them U_U