Top: Maliau for LF. Vest: DIY. Skirt: H&M. Tights: Gift. Shoes: SSWR. Crown: DIY. Necklace: DIY

Look how introspective this outfit is! Hoorah! I'll try to keep this pretty simple word wise. It's up to the viewer what I was attempting to depict in this look.
I have a lot to tell y'all in my next post


My Big Fat Pseudo Bohemian Hipster Holiday Gift Guide

Art Credit: Autumn Sorman

At Some Point in your life you've encountered one, or perhaps at some point in your life you were one. Fact of the matter is, those awful hipster kids exist. With their ironic style, and their "who gives a shit I can smoke weed in CVS." way of life, I bet the last thing you want to do is buy them gifts for the holiday of the current religion they practice (Hint: It's probably Taoism because the tao is the way maaaan)

Holiday Gift Guide: Hipster
TopShop scalloped skirt, £38
TopShop panties thong, $8
T.U.K. punk rock shoes, $70
American Apparel vintage looking jewelry, $16
ASOS oversized jewelry, $11
Ray-Ban tortoiseshell sunglasses, $145
Manic Panic colour cream - green hair dye- manic panic hair 36988 UK, £9.95
Neon Nail Polish, $6
Supreme: Snow White Oxford Shirt - Red, $136
Supreme: Bolivia Beanie - Navy, $30
8" Talking Angry Bird Pig Plush - Plain - One Size, $15
Urban Outfitters - Animal Farm, £8.99

If you know anything about Hipsters, you know they like super ironic gifts. Your hipster niece would kill to get her hands on the newest edition of the communist manifesto because you know like Marx totally gets her angst. It's like he's speaking at her! She will also love distopia themed books like 1984! The other thing about hipsters is they love super dorky stuff like angry birds pillows! You know like it's super crazy to have like an over-rated child's ipod game in stuffed animal form! Great for parties!
But what the key to hipster clothing searches is the iconic pair of ray-bans. It's cool to look like your in DEVO. Get with it mom and dad.
Music can be tricky as your hipster may have a taste ranging from Beethoven (he's a genius) to Joy Division (Love will tear us apart is totally like that time were I broke up with my girlfriend because turns out I'm straight) Or even current electronic sensation Justice (D.A.N.C.E reminds me of that time were i did LSD because I was at this Coldplay concert and I was having bad menstrual cramps so I asked if anyone has motrin but oopsies! It was LSD)

Credit: Ghost World

Good Luck this season with buying your hipster presents for what ever practice they follow (Once again, how much you want to bet they're a taoist)
You'll probably fail because hipsters hate everything!


You are such a PYT catching all the lights

Coat: My mom's from the 90's. Dress: Thrifted. Tiara: Party City. Doc Martens: Vintage from Etsy.

Hi Campers!
Sorry blehh I've been wicked busy. I'm directing my high school's musical and such. Also I was in Montreal this past weekend with my debate team (i know what your thinking: wow this girl is a massive nerd) It was so freaking rad! This was actually my maiden voyage to Canada, A couple of rad things I did there besides debating over foreign policy:
I walked through the Red Light District and saw a bunch of creepers
I went to timmy ho-ho's more times than i think is legal around 1 with my friends
I used Montreal bathrooms!
I got verbally accosted by a man on the metro!
I was asked if I was a drag queen
Actual boys talked to me!
J'ai parle beaucoup de francais!
Sorry, I am well aware you would rather me talk about fashion, but I figured it might be fun to talk about how much of a teenager I am these days.
Anyways, I've continued on this very angsty form of style. I've been wearing tiaras, floral crowns, leather jackets, oh and a ton of doc martens. I was on etsy and I scored these bad boys I'm wearing. They are literally my favorite shoes, they're all clunky and clownish. Basically I have a shoe fetish. I've sort of been trying to incorporate Meadham Kirchhoff's ss12 collection; ironic kinderwhore and such. Although it's a bit of a fail, I'm actually genuinely comfortable wearing this clothing to school. Last year I had to force my self to dress eclectic but it sort of comes naturally to me now. If you know what I mean.
On another note! I was on Rookie! I literally jumped up and down when I saw the question and answer article I did. Therefore, hello new readers :D
Finally, I just sent out zines. Really. If you asked for one it will be coming this week.


Woodland Lady/ Contest!

Crown: DIY. Dress: made by bryce

I am so tired otherwise I would write a suggestive limerick about teen girls in the woods and art projects. Basically a girl from school asked me to model this sick dress she made (insert paragraph contrasting the dress to Mary Katrantzou's aw 11 collection) She took the pictures on this woodsy area off a nearby development (insert super meaningful and nostalgic recollections about the suburbs and arcade fire's Sprawl II) I figured it would be interesting to do a post in this very rough sense because you know, life in general is kind of like that, open for interpretation, opened ended and never really finished until the fat lady sings. Yeah, interpret this however you want.
A few unrelated notes:
Unfortunately I am not going to have time to mail zines, I'm leaving for Canada on Thursday and have a ton of stuff to do prior to that.
Also, This months interviewee will be chosen via contest *hooray* leave a comment about what you would wear to a dinner with the following people: Princess Leia, ADR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Miuccia Prada, and the Proenza Boys. YAY! Winner will be announced the Tuesday before American Thanksgiving!


Whatever you do i can do better

Hey guys!
Hooray! Finally got around to doing an outfit post. So this was my Halloween costume; I was Cortney Love. It was awesome, although to my dismay almost nobody knew who she was. psh my school is so uncultured. Yay teen narcissism!
Anyway, if you asked for a digital copy I am emailing them tonight so look at for that.
Lately I've been really into angry prom queens and such. I really just love the way that all works. I'm not really making sense am I? I've had so much homework this week I can barley focus on anything else!
Well that's all for now folkz!

Oh and the 4th picture is Petra Collins. I love her!
One last thing, I hate being one these "omgfollowthem" people but one of my close friends started music blog and it's legitimately good so look at it