We still are talking about Butch

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. School has been insane these days. I figured I'd not make this wordy and do a vlog.
Please email me subscriptions at: romabkins@gmail.com!
Oh by the way, hello new followers!


Flow Disruption said...

Oh crap, I totally used to smoke weed in CVS when I was younger. ;)

I'm excited to see Butch! I'll definitely subscribe.

alix said...
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alix said...

I'm totally psyched for butch, although my parents might be a bit confused as to what a zine is.

Claire said...

First of all your makeup looks totally badass and awesome!
Can't wait for Butch! I really want to subscribe for a hard copy.... but my parents are totally like how you described; they have this thing about giving your address to people on the internet! So, I suppose I'll subscribe to the digital copy!

Hvit said...

I badly want a hard copy. I got Christmas cards from all over the world last year (blame the 'Hipsters' on Tumblr) ((Yes that was being ironic)) So... I'll try and come up with something plausible to please the parents.
Anyway- I live your vblogs. I think they're hilarious and your make-up was pretty rad today. :D (I feel American now. Ha.)

constance said...

i will definitely check it out digitally - i would go for the hard copy but i am in australia so yeah :(

Emi Coco said...

Such a lovely post!

You've got a gorgeous blog, I'm following. Please follow me back, I'm trying to reack 1000 followers!


Marlena said...

Oooh, it's finished already? ALRIGHT! Sign me up for a hard copy! :D

Emma said...

Shimmering Stars are soooo good!!!

Charlotte Clothier said...

i love you, im following you, thank god i found you.

love charlotte <3