An Ode to Fluff

So for this months *blogger feature* I choose Eline, from A Fluff Blog. Eline is super quirky and has a great taste in humor as well as clothing and odd little trinkets. She is the epitome of cool and has a siick wardrobe.

What is so fabulous about fluff, there seems to be a constant theme on your blog about it?

There is nothing not fabulous about fluff! I just really really love touching it and its look; you can either go super vintage femme with it or sweet childish girl, which are both looks that I obviously love. But I guess this also comes from my love for animals and my secret wish of actually being a cute little house cat (preferably in my mother's and father's house during the 80s because they fed our cats fresh cod fish and I am all for fresh, raw fish!).

Who are your current favorite super heroes?
Fionna and Cake!

What was it like to be in Worn Journal?
So cool! Worn Journal is one of my favourite magazines and I'm very happy that they love me too :D.

What is the greatest item of clothing you have ever seen in your life?
This is a hard question! My love for clothing fluctuates quite often. Sometimes I love very sweet child-like things, other times vintage items from every possible era but my bond with clothing also goes a lot further than anything aesthetically. A lot of times my love for something is defined by what I associate with it and in my own personal wardrobe it's also intrinsically connected to memories (like the other day I threw away my dark green pencil skirts because I wore them all the time at a time in my life when I felt very stifled, anxious and sad and I just couldn't wear those anymore because not only the memory of that time hurt me, the skirts themselves literally stifled me and limited free body movements). BUT I guess at this moment in time? I kind of have to go with the fluff dress of Meadham Kirchoff SS12 collection. I want a fluffy dress so bad!

What should people know about Belgium
I don't know? Belgium is kind of surreal, in an unsurreal way. It has a history of being overrun by other countries because of its location and the influences of that are very tangible, I think. On one hand you can feel that in our collective personality; we are pretty apologetic and self-deprecating. On the other, people (very much including Belgians themselves!) very obviously feel as if we have no actual nationality, or culture, but I think exactly that is what typifies Belgium; the fact that there is no very clearly defined "Belgianness". Also our buildings from the Middle Ages and Art Deco are pretty!

What books are you currently loving?
Ooh! Seriously still amazed by Anna Kavan, I've also been loving Edith Wharton a whole lot (seriously, read her short stories! Age of Innocence is next on my to-read list) but most recently I've been loving a lot of graphic novels. I really enjoyed Clumsy, a sweet story about a long distance relationship, drawn in a rudimentary clumsy (ha!) way which really grows on you. Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi was really good and I would heartily recommend it to anyone, especially women and girls. The Pushman and Other Stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi kind of freaked me out and I'm still wondering what I actually think about it. On that note I read Junji Ito's Tomie and was scared to go to seep despite the fact that it was way more funny than actually scary (stop coming back, Tomie!) Also non-graphic novel related: I am pretty much head-over-heels with Saki, who writes witty, animal-filled short stories (check it out!).

Where do you get the most inspiration for your outfits?
This is cheesy but I honestly get inspiration for my outfits everywhere: the other day I saw a really beautiful leaf falling down in a rich red and very warm green, lined by an amazing yellow and decided to build up an outfit around that. A lot of times colour contrasts inspire me. Several months ago I read some stupid theoretic text about colours which claimed that for a dark-haired woman the perfect outfit consists of the colours, salmon pink, green and yellow so I hung that sentence up and will play around with one day. Sometimes I check out way too many Japanese street style blogs (currently loving cult party kei) and make something around that. Or I see a girl on a blog or the street layering skirts over dresses and save that idea in my 'must try out in outfit asap' folder in my head. Sometimes I simply build something around one piece of clothing. So basically: everything.

Roma: What is your greatest thrift find?

Eline: Greatest thrift find? I don't know there are so many! Almost all of my clothes are thrifted, but I guess I'd have to pick my leopard coat because it was my first ever second hand purchase and something I'd been pretty much obsessed about finding for a while. I don't wear it all that often any more, but it still very precious to me. I still remember the exact moment I bought it and being super psyched about it with my friend.

Blueberry Muffins or Vogue Magazine?
Blueberry muffins for sure, especially the moist, fluffy and buttery kind yummmm!

Anything you want people to know about a Fluffy Blog??
Haha, I don't know actually, the url?

You can check out Eline on her blog
*All photos are from Elines Blog/ Tumblr.


rouli said...

really cool and funky looks

great post dear!

Claire said...

Her outfits are like a whole new level of perfect!
Your interviews always make me smile!

Izumihiiiflower said...

unfortunately no! I haven't enought money to travel... This is the modern art museum of Paris, ridiculous next to the MOMA of new york!

Flow Disruption said...

How have I not come across her blog yet? The red dress in the second to last photo is gorgeous. In fact, she, herself is gorgeous (and funny). ;) Thanks for the interview.

Regarding Butched, maybe I could write a short (like 2 paragraphs) essay of sorts about my take on feminism and my biggest pet peeve in the entire world: girls hating other girls for no real reason. Let me no if this sounds good to you. :)

Roma said...

brittney: of course! that sounds excellent, shoot me an email. I'd love to see it!!

@everyone else: thanks for all the awesome feedback

Jenna said...

Great great interview!! I've actually have been following Eline's blog for a while but I couldn't find out how to actually follow it... yeah...
And I so agree with her about blueberry muffins over Vogue. Blueberry muffins are the best!! :D

Anonymous said...

Love her and her outfits- she's so adorable in a badass kind of way. Really liking this blogger feature thing, you always seem to pick my favourite blogs which makes it even more interesting :)

Teddi said...

i want to see photos of the leopard print coat! blueberry muffins for me too, please. :)

Joey said...

She looks very sophisticated in that long pink dress! It looks great on her, and I love how she can portray every character in those different outfits.

Joey Biber

constance said...

best feature! going to stalk her blog now (in the most appreciative way possible)

The Awkward Indie Girl said...

Thank you for introducing me to her amazingly fluffy blog! It's one of my favorite features of your blog. I think you asked great questions, and I can only hope that someday I'll be worthy to be interviewed *Teehee* :)