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AAH YOU GUYS THIS IS HAPPENING cover of Butch, issue 1, picture by Paolina Russo

Hi Guys,
So semi-recently someone asked me what I look like with zero makeup on. Well here you have it. My face in the raw. I don't like wearing a ton of makeup. I guess I wear eccentric lip colors and eyeliner wings but I'm not into rat makeup like most of the girls in my school. Rat makeup is basically a poorly done smokey eye with also poorly done contouring. I have to admit this is what I wore in middle school but yeah.
Anyway, I've been super occupied by Butch lately. As well as schoolwork and such. But honestly I've been so abnormally tired and caught up with being a teenager. I'm always confused by my adolescence. I know there are plenty of scientific explanations as to why I'm so moody and my heterosexualness (shocker I like boys and I'm writing a feminist zine. They say it wasn't so!) but honestly it's pretty bizarre.
I have so much to say in this post but I can't quite put it all to words. Butch is running smooth. Speaking of which, submit! I love people who submit because they make me gleeful and such.
OH! I also saw my first concert. I saw Asteroids Galaxy tour. They were super rad, It was one of the strangest and greatest experiences I've had as a teen. Mette is super rad. She told me she liked my outfit which has definitely been pushing me to continue to dress oddly.
More on that in an upcoming blog post


rouli said...

<3 that muchhhhhhhh


rouli <3

Claire said...

Oooh the cover lookssoooo good!
Roma, you are so beautiful!

Marlena said...

OMG! Paolina is gonna be the cover girl? *fan girl squeals all around* I'm really happy to hear that everything is going smoothly. I can't wait to see the finished zine! :D

naivebones said...

cool man! glad things are going well for you, I'm super jealous you got to see Asteroids Galaxy tour, her accent is sooo cute! dsakdjsah I'm googling now to see if they're playing in Sydney any time soon >.< xxxx

Hvit said...

Paolina on the cover? Perrrrfect. Apart from yours of course, she's one of my fav bloggers. Sorry I don't seem to have got round to writing anything for it. I was drowning in 'school.' Next time!

Flow Disruption said...

Love the cover! She has an amazing style. I'm gonna send you my submission later tonight. I've been really busy lately, too, but I didn't forget! ;) Glad it's going well. Oh, and you look great with no make up! :)

Hvit said...

Submission submitted. ;)

Izumihiiiflower said...

it's been awhile since I did not come here!

ahah thank you!!! I haven't pictures from me, so i take pictures of over peoples!

The Awkward Indie Girl said...

The cover looks awesome!